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pushing 38 weeks

Posted on: October 19, 2012

It’s funny that as I’m approaching 38 weeks, I’m actually nervous. I have only had about 1/2 of the items on my to-do list done. I still need to do more tidying up around the house to make things easier for my mother in law to find once she comes. The mattress is done, so at least that’s good! Edema started to seriously kick my ass last week. first it was mostly on the right side, but now both sides share the love, so hands, feet, ankle, legs… Well not sure about legs, maybe I’m just getting fat ha ha. It’s a bit difficult now trying to do anything that requires dexterity, since my swollen hands can’t hold things very well. Maybe it’s the heat that’s doing it. Summer is not in full swing where I live until mid September, seriously. I remember hanging out in Monterey last year catching a tan around Halloween, so I guess things won’t be chilly any time soon.

I’m hoping to have the baby after Halloween, maybe on the EDD. That way I get to spend more time with May and more days to enjoy my 6-8 hours of night time sleep. I mean, I could get 10 hours if the discomfort of being pregnant wasn’t there, but I shouldn’t complain. Compare to others, my discomfort might just be considered nonexistent. I’m up to 136 lbs now at least, ugh. I’m hoping to say that it’s WATER RETENTION and it’s not really my fat ass. I was 42 weeks pregnant with May and still under 130 lbs, so if I’m breaking the scale at 38 weeks, I do feel ashamed of myself.

May and I are still on our baby moon. Husbands and wives traditionally enjoy their baby moon, but for me, it’s me and my first born. Son’s getting all sentimental about her too, commenting on how much she has grown and how fast the years seem to have passed. The newest thing we do together these days is May making sandwiches for Son. The first time she did it, she was so happy and eager, she kept on reminding Son to eat his sandwich at work. I asked Son to just take the sandwich out and have a bite in front of her before he left for work, which he did. Tonight we made a simple pastrami sandwich, and then I had May pack the rest of Son’s lunch with included some veggies, fruits, and an egg.

Today May lied again. She asked if she could watch something on youtube, and I casually asked her if she has already watched TV this morning. She said no. I asked her twice, prompting her the 2nd time, “try to remember, did Ba let you watch Sightwords DVD in the morning?” She said no. I had to tell her “I think he did, because I heard it playing, right? when you had breakfast?” Then she meekly said yes. I just asked her to tell me the truth next time, because I just wanted to know, I wasn’t going to get mad or take anything away from her.  I’m not sure if she can’t remember or because she fears I might not let her watch youtube.   Will test this again.


6 Responses to "pushing 38 weeks"

sao bầu lần này tui không thấy hình gì hết vậy ta?

có đem cái máy ra hành nghề chưa hay còn cất trong tủ?

bầu lên cân quá hong dám chụp hình lun hí hí. Tui lần bầu hai tăng y như lần đầu, và đã trở lại kí cũ của trước khi bầu, cũng y như lần đầu nhờ pump sữa quá xá hahahah.
Ghê nhất là bàn chân tui, hồi bầu mua đôi giày mà giờ phát hiện ra là bự hơn hai size, giờ muốn mang được đôi giày đó phải lót thêm miếng đế và mang vớ hơi dày hahahah

Hôm qua hai mẹ con tui làm bánh, trời ơi nó exited quá, hú hét lúc nhồi bột cán bột tùm lum, bánh nướng xong thì nó lủm cả mớ làm tui phải cắt tiêu chuẩn kẹo của nó hai ngày luôn hahahah

bầu lần đầu tui lên 40 chục pounds, oải luôn. Lần hai chắc vì bị tiểu đường ăn uống kiêng cử nên có tăn 20 pounds thôi. Giờ chỉ còn cái bụng nhão không biết làm sao cho xong?

Bầu lần hai tui không bị sưng tay chân như lần một.

Hôm qua làm bánh gì mà nó ăn lấy ăn để? Em này giỏi há, còn làm bánh từ cán bột cán đường. Sao tui không khéo tay mấy vụ này nha.

ky` na`y tui 0 co’ hu+’ng chu.p gi` he^’t, va? la.i tui le^n ca^n qua’ tui cu~ng cha’n, o.e, dda~ the^’ cho^`ng tui cha? the`m ho?i ne^n tui tu+’c tui dde^’ch luo^n lol

chòi oi chòi…phải đợi chồng hỏi..mà đợi chồng hỏi gì? hahaha, chảnh quá chảnh quá. 😀

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