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black is in

Posted on: October 23, 2012

May currently favors black as her daily fashion trend thanks to her chummy relationship with her pal, the sight word “from.” Good thing she got a black outfit from her cousin Deneve (size 4T by Sweetheart Rose, beware if you buy this brand, size 4t fitted May when she was 2, both top and bottom pieces) and another black tunic and legging set I bought for her during the last blow out sale on one of those private sale sites. With Halloween around the corner, her teachers probably think I’m being fashionable or something, because in the sea bright colors of her class, May alone was sporting all black half of the time for nearly 2 weeks now (Son does the laundry whenever he has time, so when she uses up the 2 outfits, she has to wait until they are washed to wear them again). This morning she carefully asked me if the weather has cooled down now, and as soon as I said yes, she said how about wearing black today, lol.

The weekend was spent at Fairyland, just some time alone with May. Monday was spent languishing at the doctor’s office for most of the day, because my hunch was correct. My blood pressure shot from the 70 baseline to 90’s. I knew it was coming too, I felt it physically. When I asked Son to check my blood pressure on Saturday, we found out that his instrument no longer works. I vaguely remember seeing May taking a pair of scissors to that poor thing a long time ago…

My blood pressure also shot up after week 36 when I was pregnant with May, I already asked my previous OB/GYN to fax my medical file to the current OB/GYN. Apparently they only faxed the hospital file over, but not the office visits file. Good thing I noted these things down, so I just sent my own report to him tonight. Looking at my personal pregnancy log, the trend (as well as the numbers) are almost identical from one pregnancy to the other. Even the fetal heart rates are similar (140-150) both kids. The only thing that is absolutely not similar is weight gain, EEEEEEEEEEEEEKSSSS. Today I clocked in at 140, WTF. I want to say it’s water retention, cuz seriously, I have numb finger tips 24/24, achy finger joints in both hands, swollen feet regardless of the time of the day as well as the position I’m in. I think this morning I spotted a double chin….

The good doctor suggested I might want to cut down the amount of physical activities to help with my blood pressure, but I think I’ll just keep on walking until the day I gave birth. After all, that’s what I did last time as well, and they never found protein in my urine. I was referred to the lab for some blood works to rule out preeclampsia (languished in the waiting room for 30 minutes before I got called), then had to run off to feed May some lunch before returning to the OB/GYN’s office for non-stress test. Having learned my lesson from the last time with May, where they said she wasn’t moving enough to reassure them, and then they buzzed her to wake her up – that was so horrible, my poor baby jumped like she got assaulted – this time around I said before hand that I will not permit them to get that buzzer anywhere near my baby. This little guy cooperated on his own, so within 10 minutes he already gave enough movements to warrant a happy report. May was with me the whole entire time, and was behaving very well. I thought today was going to be just a quick check up, so I didn’t pack any of her books. Next week when I come back, knowing that it will be a nonstress test weekly from here on, I’ll be sure to bring 10 books to read to May. Today the nurse found some random children song book for me, so I had her sit on the bed with me during the monitoring process, and we just cuddled a bit while reading through that book 4-5 times.

Indian Summer is over ! We cut down our tomato plant and trashed it this evening, after the first rainfall of the season arrived early in the morning. It rained so hard around 7a.m., I had to get up to check out the noise. It sounded like a water main broke or something. By the time we got out of bed at 9am, the sun was shinning and the clouds were receding. The rain came back again later at night, and now the air is clean and cool.

May showed me her much improved version of her name today = all letters were actually legible, except she started off centered, so she decided to go the other way, and ended up with YAM.


2 Responses to "black is in"

Poor you chi, ra’ng len, sap toi dich roi.
I hate numb fingers and joint pain! I had that for most of my third trimester the 2nd time around. Could not stand it! The way i sleep didn’t help either, for I always close my fist and put it under something, my cheeks, my pillow, etc…

Sophie got the buzzer once too….

YAM, haha… Sophie hasn’t written her name yet, but when she acts like she is writing it, she also does it from right to left. The teachers said most kids do that. I wonder why.

a lecturer said it’s the pattern of brain development in children, something like right to left, back to front, bottom to top… I remember when May first learned to count, she would get all confused with larger number because she would start on one side and go all over and end up on the same ones again and then go in a loop

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