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Posted on: October 25, 2012

The ugly has begun!  OB/GYN sent a message asking me to come in for a quick BP check up with his nurse, just in case it’s still high, then I would get my own blood pressure monitor to take home.  140/93 was the reading for today, sighs.   With May, I was at 140/100 around 39.5 weeks.  Except back then I had no swelling, and felt pretty good in general.  It could be because I was better rested back then.  I dropped a lot of things at around 38 weeks and started taking naps throughout the day.  I have not been doing much of that lately, but I think I’ll resume taking naps tomorrow.  The nurse also gave me urine test strips; I will need to check for protein in urine daily.  A nurse will call me once a day so I can read the numbers to her.  Sighs.  Currently I’m eating jujube, maybe that will bring the blood pressure down a bit.  Eating lots of veggies and bananas right now.  Drinking tons of water.  But I don’t think the numbers will go down by much until postpartum…

May totally ran out of juice by the end of today because she woke up for more than an hour last night before falling asleep again, and then was up for the day at 8:30am.  I knew she was exhausted by 4:30pm, because she was so out of it during circle time.  She didn’t even pay attention to the teacher when it was time to line up and go home.  I turned to her and chided her for not paying better attention, and for the first time, I saw her face turning red as she tried to fight back tears.  Aw someone’s feelings got hurt again.  Tonight’s dinner was godawful, started at 6:30pm and lasted until 8pm because she was just pocketing her food, too tired to chew.  She was sitting in Son’s lap with his iphone playing a game, while both of us took turn commanding her to chew and swallow, and she was alternating between tearful “I’m sorry” and “I want you to be happy.”  God awful.   And I wasn’t even pushing something hard core, it was MASH UP AVOCADO, she didn’t even need to chew.  Some other kids could get sent to bed with minimal amount of food in their system, but not May.  She will wake up for sure with less than 10 hours of sleep and start a vicious cycle of sleep deprivation all over again tomorrow – she has already been behind with her sleep hours the past 2 nights.  I felt really bad for her when she pleaded for me to read her the bedtime stories, but when she’s this tired, she’ll ask questions that turn a 5 minute story into a 20 minute reading session.  So I just told her that because we took too long to eat dinner, there’s no more time left for books.  However, we’ll read first thing tomorrow.  She then turned over to Son and started negotiating with him.  Son came up later to say that he barely had to tell her a quick bed time story he made up, and then she said “thank you,” rolled over, snored @8:30pm.  I knew that kid was desperate for some sleep.


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