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adjustment #2

Posted on: November 8, 2012

Since grandma got here and has been sleeping in the same bed with May, things have been looking up.
Yesterday I was feeding May, then Tim started to stir in his bassinet. I asked, “May, do you want grandma to feed you or di Thien?” May pointed at me and said, “Mom.”
I said,
“But I need to go poop!”
May protested,
“But the baby will cry!”
That was the first time in 2-3 days that May referred to Tim. She has been ignoring him, perhaps thinking that if she acts as if he doesn’t exist, he’ll go away. So when she made that comment, May seemed surprised herself. I asked her,
“what should I do then?” May didn’t answer me, and changed the subject.

Today May and I were sitting upstairs together, while Son took care of Tim downstairs. Tim just woke up, and Son was changing his diaper. With the baby monitor on, we both listened to Tim crying a bit. May asked about the monitor, and I explained to her how it works. Then I turned it off because I said Daddy is down there, it’s fine now. May left her chair and went downstairs. Then a minute later, she ran back up and said,
“Mommy, em (little brother) is crying!”
I asked her,
“What should we do, May?”
May said,
“Mom, please go down and take care of em !”


3 Responses to "adjustment #2"

hehehhe how cute, cuối cùng cũng quen thôi. Y chang nhỏ con tui, thằng này khóc trên lầu, tui với nó đang ở dưới nhà. Nó nói với tui ”mẹ ơi, em khóc, lên ẵm em đi” heheh

Dễ thương quá mợi! Vậy là chị Hai dần dần quen với em Tim rồi đó. Mai mốt đây, chị Hai sẽ chiều em Tim hết lòng cho xem!

hugs & kisses 3 mẹ con nha!

She’s getting there 🙂
Sophie bay gio hau nhu it khi chiu di dau ma khong co’ ca? nha`. Di sinh nhat ba.n no’, mi`nh noi de me. dat con di roi Ba va` Sasha o nha` nhe. (minh muon time one on one voi no’). No’ ke^u, khong, no muon ca nha` di het. lol

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