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2-3 weeks

Posted on: November 18, 2012

feeding every 2-3 hours day time, napping 1-2.5 hours mostly held in arms. if set down in bassinet, 1 hour max. night time 2.5-3 hours from 8-2am, then awake until 4, then 2.5-3 hrs until 9.
sleep aide: nursing, rocking & patting, moby, pacifier, carseat, swaddling.

ok to change diaper after nursing, much more calm.

@17 days
more focused gaze, likes light and pattern on my blue top, more alert, harder time falling asleep (1-2x/day), sometimes nurse and rock in the dark to cut out stimuli.

side nursing is not a good idea, because he ends up in very light sleep and fusses a lot everytime he unlatches by accident.

more whimpering & grunts, some are distinct and have specific meaning

growthspurt starts on day 19, nursing more frequently.  took a bottle and finished 1.5 oz in 5 min today.

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