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how do you sleep your 1 month old?

Posted on: November 29, 2012

because seriously, I can’t manage to do it stress free, for the life of me. Tim is approaching the all too familiar territory of May’s high maintenance. For example he’s so wakeful that within 10 minutes of setting him down for daytime nap, or even 2, he has been waking up consistently this week. Last week he didn’t, this week he did. Ugh. I got a cradle swing, popped him in, he slept for 2.5 hours blissfully last Friday, and hasn’t done any of that since. The most he has given me in that swing this week was 30-40 minutes, and that was only once. Even in the walking Moby, he wakes after 45 minutes. Only actively holding him would yield anything decent, and that means whoever’s holding him has to be constantly vigilant, can’t doze off because he stirs a lot… Swaddling barely makes any difference. I have 2 weeks to figure this out before both mother in law and Thien leave. Do I just have to come to term with catnaps for the time being?

May ate snacks at school today. Cheerios and 10 grapes, she said, because she was hungry and told her teacher in so many words. That’s a first.


4 Responses to "how do you sleep your 1 month old?"

Sorry that you have to go through it again. Hopefully this is just a phase and he will grow out of it.

Chè tâm Sen works like a charm for me

i’m not sure it’s because your kids are predisposed to easy sleep or che` works because i tried w May and it gave her funny poo, that was about it 😦

😦 That really sucks.
I think it truly depends on the child. I had the same sleep problem with Sophie but not with Sasha. Sasha was a great sleeper from the beginning. It makes sense with her temperament, very laid back, quiet, and much more easy going.
Big hugs chi. He will outgrow it.

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