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to sleep, perchance to dream

Posted on: December 1, 2012


I “think” Tim is more average than May, so if he’s not overtired and has a schedule, he will sleep better than May. Yesterday when I let him sleep to his heart’s content, he ended up sleeping all day long, no desire to play at all. Today didn’t start right for some reason, but he still got decent number of hours. At 1 month, he has a stronger neck and can hold his head up for a bit. He’s starting to round out, especially the belly. Smiles and coos in his 4th week, stares intently starting at 2.5 weeks. More emotional than May, expressing his displeasures quite freely and even shows disappointment.

He first made his opinion known during diaper change, where he screamed and cried and acted as if I was about to kill him.  That was week 1.  By 1 month, the screaming and crying have subsided and decreased by 1/2.  Chances are, he’s only crying and screaming when he’s hungry or sleepy AND I’m trying to change his diaper.

Then at week 2-3, he made his displeasure known during nursing, when my forceful letdown caused him to choke and cough and gulp.  He would do his best to hang in there, but that didn’t stop him from loudly grunting through the whole ordeal, definite, distinctive grunts of displeasure.

Then 3-4 weeks there are more nuances, such as when he’s sleepy and is expecting mom’s warm body, except he soon realizes that he’s just landed in the swing yet again.  He weeps bitterly.

also, at 3-4 weeks, when he’s expecting boobs and not getting boobs soon enough, once he’s got ’em, he would still arch his back, flex his legs & neck and let out a few more cries to make his point, before settling down to business.

Last night he was peacefully cruising through a diaper change when I suddenly snapped the lid of the wipes box and caused him to startle.  Immediate protest and whimpering ensued until I appeased his highness.

oy, drama king, this one.  That’s what I mean by more emotional than May, Trang.  May didn’t do any of those things.  She hardly cared.

speaking of whom, today, during circle time, Son reported that May voluntarily spoke up (that’s a first).  Teacher Suzie was saying “I think Mr. Sun is coming out,” at which May raised her hand and said “Mr. Rainbow also comes out.”

picture by Ma.Ti’m


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