i know what you mean!


Posted on: December 14, 2012

do you know what nak stands for? nursing at keyboard. now you do.
May writes her name as M-A-Y but still assembles it as Y-A-M elsewhere,
also? today I was singing the circle time song in various languages to Tim, except when I came to the Korean version, I forgot a verse, so I asked May, She prompted me correctly. this, from the kid who has never joined in singing during circle time and is always seemed to be elsewhere.

you know what else?  I was saying to grandma, “this kid (HT) is such a party animal, let’s just send him over to “the party family” (Son’s uncle’s) for a good fit”  May immediately ran over and protested loudly.  No mommy, I don’t want you to send em anywhere, I want em to stay right here with the family!


4 Responses to "nak"

hheheh May dễ thương ghê hong. Mà May nói tiếng việt hay tiếng anh nhìu hơn dzậy

o nha thi noi tieng viet, gap nana hoac chu Gussy cua no thi noi tieng Anh nhu that. Tui voi Son van bat no giu tieng Viet o nha. cai cau phia tren la no noi bang tieng viet

May cưng em lắm đó nha. Bây giờ Tim là “May’s baby” chứ không phải của mẹ Bòn & bố S. nữa đâu nhen 🙂 🙂

bắt đầu iu em rồi đó, thấy chưa. It takes time mà.

Love May!

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