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things that work

Posted on: December 28, 2012

– “Quiet time” – gives me an afternoon break of about 2 hours. May stays in her bed and she can choose to play quietly or read or sleep. I set the timer and call her when it’s over. I think I’ll put a walkie talkie in there at some point to communicate with her, in case I’m busy with Tim.

– Activity books. This is a very fun thing for both of us to do while I hold Tim (nursing or letting him sleep). I read the instructions and guide her through the activities.

tablet – oh yeah!

Tim’s growing and changing. He’s very sweet and mild, more vocal than May when he’s displeased with things, but mostly just grunts and squeaks. I tried moving back to the bedroom with everyone, but after 2 nights, I asked May if she thinks I should just stay in the separate room – and she agreed. Because Tim’s crying woke her up.

Anh = thanks for your comments, I’ve read them but have not had chance to write back, will do in a year !!


1 Response to "things that work"

Haha, ko can reply gi dau ma.
🙂 I’m sure you’re handling things better than I did!

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