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2 months check up and other stuffs

Posted on: January 7, 2013

the reason why I have 2 hands free to blog today is because May is having “quiet time” and Tim just got back from his WBV, received 3 shots in the thigh and 1 oral dose, so he’s passed out since noon in the swing.
We were telling each other that our arms have been going numb from holding him, I got blockages from just letting his head resting against my chest area, so this baby must be, like, 13 lbs now. Apparently make that 15.5 lbs.

weight: 15 lbs 7 oz.
height: 24.5″
hc: 16.25″

sounds like he’s in the 90’s all around. The doctor said his HC was 50% at birth, so bigger head than May.

at 10 weeks he is very alert, cooing, smiling, hand-eating. Can hold his head fairly well 1/2 of the time, dislikes tummy time (he gets very little of it, because he’s mostly carried anyway). Cradle cap cleared from his forehead but migrated to his head, just a small area. I need to remember to put bm on it daily. He’s fairly average in the sleep department – can be soothed to sleep, can be put down after 30-60 min afterward, can stay asleep anywhere from 30 min-3 hours, usually somewhere in between. He’s not getting lots of sleep the way May had it, just because he’s the 2nd born. On a good day, he has about 5-6 hours of naps during daytime and 11-12 night sleep (with 2-4 wakings). On a bad day, he catnaps 5-6 times, each time 15-30 minutes, then goes down for the night. The catnaps usually happen because we are out.

May is doing well with her brother, minimal signs of jealousy, but the stress of having a new sibling unleashed the Terrible-Three monster, so we get tantrums with screaming and kicking every now and then, some hitting (maybe 5-6 times so far, directed at Son and grandma, but she doesn’t dare hit me), defiance once in a while, lots of whining – maybe 3-4x a day, is that a lot? Overall she’s still a great kid, easy to handle, but she’s definitely going through the inner turmoils of her 3 year old self.

An came and left. It was great having her around, since she could do everything from playing and taking care of May to feeding/changing/rocking Tim to sleep. She finds Tim charming so it helps. Now she’s gone, but at least Son’s normal work week doesn’t start until Friday, and Thien’s on her way back tomorrow evening.

May has been asking “is this school week?” since last Monday. She misses going to school. The good thing about the winter break is that I have been able to nurse her back to health. I dread the return of runny nose and lingering cough once she starts school again, but what can I do… put a face mask on her and have her wear gloves?


2 Responses to "2 months check up and other stuffs"

school/playground giữa mùa này là động germssss. Thằng Đậu nhỏ đi ở trường của PP mấy ngày mà hôm nay cảm sổ mũi ho rồi.

Em phục chị quá, nuôi mấy đứa nhỏ giỏi ghê luôn. 2 đứa nhà em có mơ cũng ko bao giờ vô 80% được chứ đừng nói tới 90% lol.
May ráng thêm vài tháng nữa đi, cơ thể quen rồi là chẳng bệnh vặt nữa đâu. Con em nó đi từ nhỏ thành ra sau 1 năm là immune luôn, giờ rất ít khi sổ mũi ho hen, một năm chắc bị chừng 2-3 là nhiều à, khi bị cũng recover rất nhanh. Sasha nó bị Sophie lây riết thành ra giờ cũng khoẻ rồi, khi bị chỉ 3-4 ngày at the longest. I know it sounds bad, but it’s true lol.

Nói thiệt em GATO với gia đình chị ghê, nhiều relatives around thích thiệt đó. Tụi nhỏ vui mà mình đỡ tay nữa. Good for the whole family!

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