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the new nak

Posted on: January 10, 2013


the old nak=nursing at keyboard

the new nak = napping at keyboard

napping at keyboard can make for a healthy online shopping session or lengthy blogging experience, Tim can sleep for hours if held.  thing is, I might actually celebrate this fact because May wouldn’t nap if she was held stationary like this.  how i prayed she would !

today is the last day before son starts his 7 work-days stretch.  May missed school so much, so she’s happy to be back this week.  ’tis the age of fibbing.  May told me a lie yesterday just for conversation sake.  i think she makes no distinction between make-believe vs. lies.  it probably seems like a song with proper lyrics vs. using made-up lyrics for the same tune.  anyhow, she said her teacher told her “today is [some gibberish] day.” I asked her if that’s true, sure teacher didn’t say today is Wednesday?  affirmative.  uh oh, sounds like her teachers are teaching her nonsense then, we shouldn’t be learning nonsense in school! at which May bursted into tears and said i’m sorry mommy, please let me go to school, i don’t want to leave school…. (sounds like vietnamese drama or what?)  i will ask you again, are you sure your teacher say today is gibberish day? or if you are not sure, we can ask tomorrow? i am not sure, mommy.  were you trying to be funny and saying a make-believe thing?  yes, whatever you say mommy, i want to go to school…. sighs…  that’s not really what i wanted to hear… let’s try a different approach next time….

photo by ma. Ti’m


1 Response to "the new nak"

lol tội nghiệp con nhỏ. Mẹ làm dữ quá :))
Chị mà gặp con em chắc nó làm chị điên lên vì nó make up stuff about school so much.

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