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happiness = no cry sleep night

Posted on: January 21, 2013

Tim napped for 3 hours today in the morning before we went over to Jim and Helen’s.  Son helped out so everything went so smoothly.  Then when we were there,  Tim napped from 330 til 530 at helen’s at which time I encouraged him to wake up so I could i drive kids home.

Started cooking rice immediately and steamed some veggies for dinner. While all that is cooking, gave may a bath with lots of steam running while bf’ing Tim in the bathroom as well -we sat together to get the steam to help w the kids’ congestion
then everyone went upstairs, food just finished cooking, i fed May, myself, and Tim all at once; carried him around, nursed again to make sure he’s not hungry, until he pooped.  Then when May was done eating, I let her finish watching her show for 5 minutes upstairs, went down stairs to wash Tim up and changed him.  Played with Tim a bit, suctioned out his nose,  put him in swing, quick tummy rub and “i love you,”  turned on music, and walked out to fetch May who was coming down.
It was awfully quiet in there for 20 minutes, and so by the time I was done getting May in bed and showering, i went into room and Tim was peacefully asleep on the swing !!
miracle !

no one cried.
Other people seem to get their infant to bed at night by just popping them into the crib and say goodnight, but this has never happened to me before, and just last week when I put Tim down after making sure he was asleep, he still woke up crying, so, oh man, I don’t know, this is heaven for now.


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