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Posted on: January 27, 2013

is something Tim arrived at tonight.  Different from May’s very obvious giggle of delight the first time she did it, Tim’s laugher is tentative and deliberate as he searched my face for direction. 

I’m trying to remember – I’m sure May did her fair share at the same age too – how come I didn’t write about it? – but Tim looks at my face with wonder and adoration.  It’s so strange to feel such adoration from another human being.  We would be out walking and Tim’s eyes would catch mine after he has been looking all around for a while, and then suddenly there’s that glow of recognition, and happiness, and peace – I’m totally his sunshine.  And he is mine when I see that look on his face. 

Did May do that?  I can’t remember!  I remember she would get excited and smile a lot, or flail quite a bit to show that she was happy to see me, but she didn’t spent that much time to gaze into my eyes the way Tim does.  He really studies my face. 

Tim holds out a bit longer than May in the independence department when he’s awake.  I can put him down for 30 minutes once  in a while.  His usual increments are 15 minute slots.  This past week brought lots of tummy time, as Tim has been trying to roll from back to to stomach.  So far he has only succeeded in rolling to the side.  When on tummy, he can hold his head up higher and longer within 2 days.  He will soon turn 3 months, this child who just learned to laugh today and cried himself to sleep at bed time (after being nursed down for 1 hour and then put on the swing with white noise, soothing music, swaddled… the whole deal).


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