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3 months old

Posted on: February 1, 2013


discovered his hands & observing them all day long

eating his hands whenever he’s chilling

capable of being on his own for up to 40 minutes if he’s been fed and napped

“ok” with the swing but still not pals.  1/2 of the times he goes into it without much protest, but the other 1/2 of the times he would fuss from a bit to a lot, but 90% of the times, if given a chance, he will eventually settle down and go to sleep.

night time sleep continues to be deep and getting better for the most parts.  I’m still up at least 3-4x/night, in close intervals starting around 3am, but as long as he goes right back to sleep after I change/nurse him, I’m not complaining.

smiles, coos, laugh out loud, and “talks” to objects of interests.  Recognizes mom, dad, and sister.  Takes an interest in the cat starting this week.

pooping around 2x day today, but before that, generally around 3-4x

can be transferred from carseat to ergo and from ergo back to carseat without waking.  He’s also capable of opening his eyes and then closing them again going back to sleep.  With May, once she opened her eyes, it was game over.

can hold head up pretty high in general when on tummy, sometimes rolls from tummy to back but probably not intentionally.

is ok with the nose aspirator for the most parts.  doesn’t fight it as much as May did, but May put up really half assed fights.

sleeps pretty well in the ergo.

nap schedule / sleep schedule tentatively set: waking 7am, down short nap at 9-10am, up by 10-11am, down around 11am-1pm, up around 1pm-4pm, cat nap at 4-5pm as needed, down for the night at 6:30-7:30pm.

his first nap has been consistently short and the 2nd nap has been consistently long.

drooling has begun

hair’s falling out when he rubs his head looking side to side

sweet temperament, easy to please, when he’s too sleepy, he prefers to spit out the boobs and would get mad when milk comes out sometimes.


1 Response to "3 months old"

Nhăc ỉa mới nhớ, hồi trước khi solid base thì thằng nhà tui rất keo kiệt, 3 4 ngày ỉa một lần làm mình sốt ruột muốn…ỉa dùm lun hahahaha. Sau solid thì thôi rồi, cả ngày tui toàn ngồi nhà thay tã cứt không cũng muốn xỉu ahhahhah.

Mà bs nói, do bú sữa mẹ nên ko ỉa cũng ko sao, là vì sữa mẹ ko có chất xấu nên cơ thể nó xài hêt lun mà ko cần thải ra. Nghe vậy làm mình nhớ hồi thằng cha kim jong il chết, báo vn nó đăng là ổng ko cần đi vệ sinh gì gì đó, làm mình nghĩ, chắc chả cũng còn bú sữa mẹ hahahahahh

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