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Posted on: February 28, 2013

Nana dropped May off at home today and said Teacher Suzie reported that May’s had “a very good day at school today.”  Hmmm… I know it began at 1:20pm, when she stayed around and waited for Teacher Suzie after circle time.  At first I thought, is she interested in counting the placemats? That’s weird, it’s not the sort of thing she would like to do… then it became apparent that she wanted to talk to her teacher.  What did she say?

“Teacher Suzie, on my way to school today, I coughed.”

OOOOOKKKKAAAAY, time for mommy to go home sweetie, bye!

But apparently she talked to 2 REAL friends today – I think that must be the first time she said something other than “no thank you” to her classmates.  She gave Lauren (a very friendly sweet Vietnamese 5 year old) a confetti heart she found on the floor – one of her treasures – at which Lauren said “Thank you” and May responded, “you’re welcome.”  AWESOME!  A REAL, LIVE, CONVERSATION!! BEGINNING OF CIVILIZATION!!

How about the other friend? Oh, Hean? I asked Hean about her unicorn.  Wow, this is something alright, she approached Hean and actually asked her a question?  Nope, apparently it was more like this: during show a tell, May talked about her Princess Celestia pegasus unicorn pony (“but she has the wrong color, her real color should have been white, her hair should have been rainbow color that shimmer and change color all the time, like this and this and this….”), and Hean talked about her white unicorn stuffed animal; so May raised her hand and asked if Hean’s unicorn has wings, like May’s animal.  She told me “Hean doesn’t know about pegasus unicorn or unicorn pegasus yet mommy.”  She thinks those are 2 different animals.

What that got me to start thinking.  As her parent, I’ve kind of talked to about… 4-5 parents total.  And that was because I felt like I had to, other wise, if I could, I would probably be content to just greeting 2-3 people I liked.  I rarely approached people to introduce myself unless I felt like I have to, and a lot of time, as an adult, I felt like I should, because my social setting usually means I’m at someone’s private party or event, and since that someone is usually a good friend, I trust that their friends are also decent people.  But I’ve been to weddings where I managed to talk to no one at all, or I managed to work for 7 years and not talk to 1/2 of my coworkers.  May is my kid isn’t she?  It’s not that she is painfully shy and can’t interact with strangers.  It’s just that she needs to be highly motivated, like in the case of Hean, to break the ice, or, in the case of Lauren, I know this sweet child has tried several times throughout the year to approach May, but May just keep her distance.  I’ve heard reports a lot of times about how May spent a good hour at school just digging through the sand for stuffs (her treasures – she recovered quite a bit of stuffs buried in that sandbox), and every now and then, I hear reports of other friends joining her recovery efforts, particularly Lauren and little Robin, her sidekick buddy.  So I think May’s taking notice. 


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