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4 months check up

Posted on: March 12, 2013

17 lbs 15 oz (88%)

26.5″ length (90%)

head cir. = 17.01″ (87%)

The rotavirus vaccination continues to wreak havoc on his poor digestive system.  I was mystified by the sudden change in stool consistency 2 months ago, but now that I have dug more into it, I’ve come to realize that the stinky orange slimy stool that Tim had for 2 weeks back in January was not because I drank too much orange juice or took B12 supplement, but it was because of his reaction to the vaccine.  Other moms have reported the same reactions in their infants.  This time around, he didn’t have a fever, but started having really bad gas for days on end, and no bowel movement from Tuesday-Friday.  That’s 5 days.  He has never ever gone that long without pooping. His system has been very healthy and predictable prior to the vaccine, but since last Friday, there has been no poop yet again.  He’s not happy with this, and his sleep suffered.  His naps get cut in half, and his night sleep loses about 3-4 hours.  His farts smell – again, vaccine related.  Tim was given the Rotatix brand of vaccine (2 doses)

May had hers too, but it was Rotateg brand.

May has been another handful, but mostly because she is now at the mercy of her emotions. Most days she can easily dissolve into a messy pile of frustrated tears at something like “May, let’s change your clothes so we can go to school.”  

“but I don’t want to go to school today?”
“so  you don’t want to go to school, fine.”

“I do want to go to school!!!!” tears, and she’s twisting in agony on the floor.

I had to spend another night refreshing my commitment to being a better mom, reading up on emotional and cognitive development of her age group – stuffs that I already know, but somehow seeing the info again helps me become more focused and committed.  So today could typically start out badly, and it did, with May ready to melt to the ground at around 8:20 a.m. when I asked her if she would like to change her clothes or keep the pj’s on.  But thanks to Tim sleeping in, on his own, in the other room, I was able to change the tide and we spent the rest of the day being super nice to each other.  Son was amazed when he came home and found his daughter happy and sweet and compliant.  No whining, no crying, remembering her yes’s and thank you’s, as well as please’s.  I have to remind myself that this is my ultimate goal.  


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