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Posted on: March 18, 2013

Tim got sick.  Son and and I were doing so well fighting all the colds May caught, but I think our luck ran out the week we both decided to drink grass jelly nonstop for, like, 5 days.  That was 10+ cans consumed with sugar.  Our asses deserved to be kicked, I admit, but stress and sleep deprivation sometimes make you do stupid things.  So anyhow, we both came down the the same cold, and 4 days in, Tim followed closely behind.  His symptoms are much milder, but if I set him down, even on the pillow at night, the post nasal drip would cause him to choke and cough within 5 minutes.  The last 3 nights Tim slept primarily in the swing, after I tried to hold him as long as I could, sitting up.  

I have nothing to complain about Tim.  He’s such a sweet baby, always smiling and cooing softly. Sometimes he wakes up and cries in his sleep, it tends to be more like moans.  This baby just kind of slowly and softly moans to the world, then if that doesn’t work out, he tends to give up, sucks on his thumb, and actively tries to go back to sleep.  I miss sharing the bed with Tim the past few nights, because that is pretty much my time alone with him.  During the day, even when I’m holding him, I always feel rushed and can’t enjoy the moment too well.  But at night, looking at him sleeping is something I love.   

I hope the cold will leave us soon.  Tim’s 4.5 months.  Coos and laughs out loud, can track objects, is interested in everything; tries to grab his foot every now and then, loves to grab our hair (both mine and May’s), loves his sister; rolls both way, trying to scoot.  Can put himself back to sleep at night by rubbing his cheek agains a surface, as if he’s nursing; sometimes he sucks on his hand, but not all the time.  


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