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discovering feet, putting self to sleep

Posted on: April 10, 2013

For about 2 months now, Tim sometimes put himself back to sleep in the middle of the night, when he isn’t hungry.  Then recently, he was able to do that at around 10pm as well.  Typically that would be when he wakes up from his initial bedtime (6:30-7pm), I would then nurse him in bed and place him down next to me after 40-60 minutes.  But some nights he just wakes up once I place him down, or he doesn’t want to nurse after 30 minutes or so.  I have been successful with just placing him down and just stay close to him, but not paying him any attention.  Last night he tossed and turned for about 30 minutes, then went back to sleep. Yay!

He continues to nap less than May, currently averaging about 2-2.5 hours daily. I would have screamed and tore all my hair out had it been May (who was napping 4-5 hours at his age), but with this 2nd kid, I take whatever I can get. I can’t nurse him to sleep in my arms, because he would wake up at 40 minutes mark. same thing with the Ergo. In the swing he sometimes wakes up and goes back to sleep, but more often than not, he would just doze a bit and then wakes up crying.


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