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May and Tim

Posted on: May 18, 2013


May said:
Tim, later when you grow up, you can go to college, would you like to go to the same college as me? Then we can live together and mommy can visit us sometimes…. and then I can cook this soup (chicken pho) for you, would you like that? Hmm? Hmmm?
May said:
Mommy, Tim is our little treasure, Little Treasure, Little Treasure, awww Little Treasure…
May said:
Mommy, I’m talking to all these horse princesses in English because they only speak English.
May said:
Nana, this here is a horse princess, she has a tiara on her head and this ring is her gem. Nana, and here’s another princess. They have their babies inside this castle. The babies only stay inside because they are shy

(at which, I said: woa these princesses are a bunch of harlots hiding their babies in the castle!)

May has about 4 friends at school, their names surface weekly: Lauren (5 year old half Vietnamese), Robin (3.5 year old half Vietnamese), Brooke (5 years old), Ryan (5 years old). Today her teacher told me that she played very closely with Ryan, and she would not let go of his hand, saying “Ryan is my friend.” When I asked her about the hand holding after school, May said it was because at circle time, she wanted to sit next to him, but couldn’t, so she ran over to him and held his hand to make her point. Ryan ran out of the class with 3-4 paper cups in his hands holding various treasures and pets, and that would be May’s influence. She said she came up to him and asked him to play looking for treasures with her. They did the same thing last week.

May loves Tim to pieces and it’s a joy to watch her being so sweet to him simply because she adores him, not because she’s putting on a show. She shows no jealousy whenever her needs are being pushed back because I have to take care of Tim. Tim’s at that age where he loves to grab our hair, both May’s and mine.  Yet May never get cross or cry when Tim does that to her.  She either suffers silently and try to pry her own hair out the way I have shown her to, or she calls out to me, very quietly, “Em has my hair.”  To me, it clearly shows her understanding of how babies behave, that he doesn’t hurt her intentionally, and that he’s not old enough to reason with just yet.

We have agreed to cut down on tablet watching and TV watching, and just like that, she quits. Now she plays by herself quite well, holding 2-5 different conversations all at once, sometimes in her make believe game among her horses, sometimes addressing the cat, other times, calling E.T..

May has begun to clean up after herself when she’s done with playing. She doesn’t do it all the time, but she does it quite often enough. She’s feeding herself 50% of the meals, and she finishes her milk without much prodding from me.
May has good days and bad days, but even on bad days, she makes me laugh. And even on her bad day, Tim is the apple of her eyes.


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