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Tim approaching 7 months

Posted on: May 26, 2013

He’s turning 7 months in less than a week.  This week Tim started crawling on the 23rd.  Sitting more stable now, but still wobbly at times.  Tim likes to spend time on his side, resting on one hip and elbow while using the other free arm to bring objects up into the air, above his face, and then once approved, to his mouth.  The pillow fence that we build to keep him in his designated play area is moot now.  He just plows right through them, sometimes pushing through the crack between 2 pillows, other times, just up and over any pillow, then wiggle wiggle like a funny seal until he gets to the other side.

Tim’s not eating much solids, mostly because I’ve been lazy.  He does get a taste of some fruits and vegetables daily, but not a significant amount.  Then again, he himself hasn’t volunteered to eat more than 1 teaspoon (not table spoon) at a time.  He prefers to gnaw on things, and if he manages to bite bits and pieces off, then he likes to keep that piece inside his mouth.  I will put in more effort starting Monday.  I did cook some food for him, kinda tasty stuffs, but he might not be a fan of mushy food, just like May.

People’s impression of Tim’s sleep habit is that he’s a better sleeper than May.  I think they are about the same, but I’m about 70% less stressed out with Tim than I was with May.  I used to freak out and despair if May napped for less than 3 hours/day at this age.  With Tim, I consider myself lucky if I manage to give him 2 hours of naps.  With May I used to check the clock each time she woke up at night.  With Tim, I didn’t even bother opening my eyes.  Tim has learned to self soothe not by choice, but because I leave him to cry sometimes when I have to take care of May at the end of the day.

Tim is sweet, loving, and even-tempered.  He can be hungry and tired, but as long as I hold him, or Son holds him, he will be content with just that.  Tim smiles all day long when his eyes meet another pair of familiar eyes, or when you talk to him.


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