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Posted on: July 8, 2013

As we were leaving Pacific Grove, May began to whine, “I want to go on more vacations, can we go on more vacations please mommy…” etc. etc..  To think, this kid.  She has been on vacations ever since she was 7 months.  Now she’s well over 4 years old, and it has just dawned on her that vacations are awesome? What the heck.  Last year when we were in Hawaii, she was all, “let’s go home mommy, I miss daddy.”  Oy.  

This little trip was a very last minute thing.  Originally I’ve asked Son to take the July 4th week off so we could do something.  Then when I got around to planning, I realize that July 4th is one expensive week to do any sort of recreational activity, and plus, little An doesn’t have that week off.  She said Gus and her would have June 11-12 off, so the two of us went right on planning our first beach house vacation down in Monterey, the trip that turned into one crazy frat party with An’s family, Son’s mom, our family, Chau’s family, Chi’s family, and ma. Ti’m’s family all piled 1 beach house.  Luckily not all at once.  That sort of sets the “party meter” for May, and she’s been gung ho about beach vacations ever since.  

After that trip, I just figured that was good enough until Son reminded me 2 weeks ago about his 1 week vacation request.  I browsed through vrbo.com, but didn’t find much deals.  I emailed several owners, but many of them were already booked.  I was just going to let it slide until Son mentioned it again, and again, and again, with the tone getting darker and darker… Then I had a lightbulb moment.  OHHHH!  You mean you have been really looking forward to a getaway vacation on July 4th?  Poor guy, he was.  So 10 more emails got sent out to places that I managed to dig up, including the little bungalow right across from Lover’s Point Beach.  That’s an area that Son and I are unfamiliar with, but the description of its location sounds good: walkable to everywhere, centrally located.  The owner gave us a pretty big discount for last minute booking, so off we went.  

The trip was a huge success.  Four nights gave us enough time to explore all the little beaches as well as going into the city and looked around.  We covered 4 beaches, 1 playground, 1 library, 1 museum, 1 aquarium, 1 restaurant, and, as a plus, 1 Big Lots waaay out in Salinas that carries Earth’s Best diapers, box of 64 size 4 dipes for $15.  Little An and I went through 7 Big Lots up in the Bay Area together but couldn’t find anymore size 4 diapers of this brand, this being such a great deal, so I had an idea that maybe I should go out into a farming community where urban crunchy mommas are not in great quantity.  Scored 4 boxes, yay.  The little Outlander Sport was packed to its maximum capacity.  I was joking with Son that if we do decide to check out the other Big Lots in Watsonville, I would have to hold the additional diapers in my lap.  

Tim freaked out during the first beach trip, being in a new sleeping environment.  So for this trip, I took ma. Ti’m’s advise and packed – not just the bed sheets and blankets, but also the whole damn crib mattress.  Since Stokke mattresses are very different from other crib mattresses, I could afford to lug it around in our car without sacrificing much space.  Tim did very well on this trip as far as night sleep in the crib goes.  Naps were hits and misses, but overall, he did OK.  May was running about 1.5-2 hours of sleep deficit per day, waking up before 7 and going to sleep around 11 nightly.  I had to force her to nap every day just to salvage another 45-60 minutes of rest.  Overall, both kids did great, turning quite tanned especially May.  We found out that Lover’s Point Beach has 2 sides, with the south side being nicer than the north side (the side with diving platform).  The south side  has better tide pools and finer sand.  

The property is 1 block from the library as well as the Natural Museum, where May actively asked to go (first time ever) and enjoyed herself greatly while she was there.  Free admission for all, with lots of great activities for children May’s age.  We had 2 mornings strolling up and down Lighthouse Ave and looked into thrift shops and bakeries.  Son and I both agreed that we love the house’s location.  

Son has a conference that he must attend at the end of August, so I promised May that I will try to book the same house for all of us to hang out.  Son snickered to me while we were there, “I can hear her at APS now, saying ‘i found these shells while vacationing at my second beach house…’ ”  We’ll sound so rich, lol.  


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