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4 year old developments

Posted on: July 11, 2013

Shortly after she turned four, May made an important decision:  she would have friends at school.  Once she made all these friends, she really grew as an individual.  She became more independent and imaginative.  She hasn’t asked us to tell her stories, play with her, or entertain her for awhile now.  She finds things to do on her own, invents games, initiates activities, or when she tries to loop us into doing something with her, she invites us with very amusing sales pitches.  She tells her own stories or makes her own play, running narratives and dialogues for up to an hour.  When she’s tired of that, she just changes to another activity instead of fetching me to complain that she’s bored.  

With her newly honed imagination, May is also suddenly fearful of many things.  She hates being alone, even in daylight.   When sleeping at night, she will try to move as close as she can to us if she can get away with it.  Strange or sudden sounds bother her.  Lights can bother her too, if it’s some sort of creepy glows.  Insects bothers her, as do monsters of her imagination.  We don’t even tell her any monster stories, but she has her friends to fill her in, I guess.  I found a cute book for her last week (this one is a classic, but I didn’t read it til last week): Leonardo the Terrible.  That book was fun.  She thinks the monster in there is silly and funny.  

She is now immersed in “princess” world.  The thought of it makes me cringe ha ha.  But she’s all,

May: I like princesses

me: really, which one?

May: this blue one.

me: that’s Cinderella, you know she has a really lousy life

May: …

me:  so lousy that she spends quite a few hours crying each day…

She a fake, this one.  The real princess fan would immediately heads for the princess section, pick out princess dolls and costume or what not.  This one is just a gemstones hoarder.  She seeks out all glittery and shinny stuffs.  She doesn’t even know what princesses do, or care to watch a princess movie.  But she insists that she’s a bleeding heart fan.

Her love for Tim is real, however.  She can be very handy to have around, especially when Tim is tired and I need to get him ready for bed.  There are things I need to do that requires me putting him down, which he hates.  He would cry as soon as I put him in his crib right before bed.  So then Tim cries, and May comes running screaming, “oh no oh no, baby baby baby!!”  Then next thing I hear, Tim’s laughing and May’s jumping around, trying to make him laugh.  Or when I put the two of them near each other, then go into the kitchen to do something.  Next thing I would hear is “oh no oh no, baby baby baby!!” and find May holding Tim tight while he’s trying to break free and go under the table to yank some electrical cords. Other times I would hear May say “mommy mommy, you need to come and get Tim!” and chances are, she would be right.  She doesn’t always pay attention to him, but she is very good at watching out for him. And he adores her.  Sometimes she gets rough with him because he’s grabbing one of her horses when she’s trying to do some elaborate princess pony story telling, and then he cries and I would have to come over to ask her, which one is real, is the pony real or Tim? Which one can feel hurt, a plastic toy or Tim?  Right?  Right.  Then don’t hurt a real human being over a piece of plastic!  Kids.


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