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8.5 months – teething woes

Posted on: July 16, 2013

May breezed through it so I know NOTHING about the bitch called “teething” who has visited everyone else’s sleepless household.  Tim is not at her mercy, and she totally kicks his ass.  Last night he woke up and started crying miserably.  He was on some pretty awesome fever, so I wondered if he was crying from ear ache, since he has had quite a few fevers before, but not the miserable crying while looking at me in the face full of misery.  Took him up stairs, gave him some infant tylenol, and that prompted him to gag and pumped up the entire content of his stomach (oh geez, this kid ate such a copious amount of milk in the 3 hours that I was with him in bed! no wonder I never felt rested!).  Poor Tim spent the rest of the night trying to find some comfortable way to nap, and – poor me!  

Ultimately, poor May, who has been pretty much left to her own device while I try to give Tim naps during the daytime to make up for bad nights of sleep.  She tried her best to entertain herself, but after an hour or two, she would get lonely, wanders downstairs, end up in bed with us, and then we all feel uncomfortable because 3 in that twin bed is a crowd.  oops, Tim’s up crying.  


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