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May 9/2013

Posted on: September 13, 2013

May’s teachers say she’s markedly different at school this year compare to last.  She has blossomed.  Probably they mean she greets them back when they say hi to her, as oppose to playing mute last year that got them asking whether she speaks English at all.  I was doing some prep works for her class (part of my family job for the co-op school), and out of all the kids that had their picture taken, May’s was the only one that didn’t look at the camera.  Refused.  If one the teachers had said “May, we’re going to take this picture so that we can decorate it with princess tiaras and stuffs,” she would have posed properly and looked at the camera.  Otherwise, if she deems something irrelevant, she would subvert her compliance in some way.  At least it’s much better than running away like last year…

Whenever she’s asked, May, did you do anything fun today at school? She would say yes, but she doesn’t bother to describe much of what she has done.  A parent who was a teacher aide for a day took some pictures.  First May started out sitting by herself on a bench in the south yard, the busiest place at her school (“WHAT IS SHE DOING??” her dad asked, lol).  Then later pictures showed her standing around 3 girls who were digging in the sandbox together.  May wasn’t participating.  Then later,  the girls abandoned their shovels and got started on setting the table and working in the kitchen (still in the sandbox).  May was in full action.  Then they all sat down at the picnic table, and May was content.  She told me they were having a tea party.  The table was full of pots and cups and plates containing a mixture of water and dirt.

Towards the end of the day, the girls were in the outdoor playhouse, with every stuff animal displayed at the window.  I asked May what she was doing, because that was way too many animals for a puppet show.  May said it was a pet shop.

These are things that May initiated.  She has a pretty terrible habit of joining a group and immediately hijacking the leader role.  Or, to be precise, she doesn’t mind being told what to do and where to go as long as the group plays the game she wants to play.  Once she can get the game to be what she likes, she doesn’t fight to be the head honcho.


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