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Posted on: December 31, 2013

walked at 11 months, same as May.
still sleeping badly on most nights, same as May.
even tempered and sweet all around, same as May.

then, different from May:
Tim climbs like a crazy monkey at 13 months, is trying to open the door right now, but can’t quite reach the knobs yet. 
he’s now an expert at using other objects as stepping stools, has been spotted climbing onto the back of the sofa, tables, benches, toy boxes, beds… good thing he has learned how to get down safely.
still not quite getting the hang of going downstairs yet, mostly because he’s impatient and wants to go down like May instead of just scooting or climbing down backward.  When he remembers, he does it, but only for a few steps.  He can’t be trusted going down steps.
definitely has more opinion about his life than May.  If he asks for something and he’s not getting it, vigorous headshakes, lots of batting, and verbal protests.  Or he takes something else that has been offered and then tosses it right away to express displeasure.  He can also be seen banging his head onto the ground or wall when he’s upset.  Recently he has taken to stomping his feet to express displeasure.  
has a better appetite than May.  May was a very decent eater, but she ate mostly to please me and getting it over with.  Tim enjoys eating and trying new things, actively asks for food, and then spit out food when he’s had enough of something (May didn’t spit, she just held it in her cheeks).
can play independently for a long period of time, and is quite inquisitive.  I’ve seen him doing experiments with things to figure out how they work.  He’s currently testing cars and rolling them on the floor, but he’s also pulling the string toys, putting objects into containers, stacking, tossing balls, batting balloons, folding and tearing papers, scooping and pouring water.  He hasn’t shown strong preferences for any toys in particular yet, stuffed animals least of all.
Tim much more social than May, and blends in very well with his older cousins.  He just does his own thing in their midst, but he also responds to them when they address him, and he readily join in games that interest him.  He loves playing with May, and adores her in general.  May has been a very good big sister to him.
Tim is weary of some strangers, but he warms up to new people quite quickly, and as long as mom or dad or May is still around, he can be picked up by new faces.  
at 14 months, Tim barely says anything.  MOst of the times, “bruuuhhh” means anything that he’s interested in.  He does say the VNese word for “to nurse,” “yes,” and “chicken” discernible enough, but he’s not a trick monkey where words are concerned.  If I ask him to perform physical acts, most of the times he would comply.  With verbal acts, maybe I succeed once a twice a day.


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