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first dinner at a friend’s house

Posted on: January 18, 2014

1. mastitis.  wtf.  Like, how could that happen when i’m approaching weaning??  But happened it did, and I found myself shivering for the next 24 hours, plus dizziness, headache, malaise – no fever though – body aches.  again, wtf.  Tim, that lazy punk, didn’t save the day.  The pump did.

2. Just when I thought I could start to feel good again, not having anymore chills – the headaches persist – bam, I slammed a friggin’ GATE at May’s preschool on my finger.  Helloooooo black finger nail.  And I was in the presence of young children, so I had to play it cool and not cuss to my heart’s content – argggggghhhh!

3. we went to Les’s house for dinner tonight.  We have been to restaurants for dinner before, but have always returned home before 8pm to put both kids in bed.  Having dinner with Les is a different thing – dinner generally starts around 9pm and ends around midnight. But what the heck, I wanted to try it out.  So we bathed both kids at 6pm, dressed them for dinner, showed up at 7pm with a snoozing Tim in the back seat – it’s his bedtime.  No problem – borrowed a room from Les, I took May inside, handed her over to Nana, then unloaded all our stuffs, which included the pack-n-play.  Set up the pack-n-play in room along with blanket, pillow, nightlight, sound machine, baby monitors.  Then Son carried Tim into the room and placed him down – still in deep sleep – SCORE!  

Fed May some appetizers while waiting for main course, and Tim slept until 9pm when he woke up. I think it was because he was cold – i cracked open the window for ventilation.  That was ok, he needed to eat dinner anyway, so I nursed him, then brought him out and fed him dinner. Nana took care of May.  By 10:15, both kids were super sleepy and May was falling a part, so i brushed her teeth, changed both kids in to their pj’s, parked May on a futon in front of the TV, then warmed up a bottle for Tim and took him back into his room.  Took me nearly 1 hour to settle him the 2nd time.  Came out at 11 and May was till awake – TV didn’t lull her ?? Fine, turned off TV, Son came to help her settle – both kids sleeping by 11:15.  Helen and Jim took their leave at midnight, so I started to pack my stuffs and load the car.  Son took sleeping May out to the car and turned the engine on.  I brought sleeping Tim out, and then went back inside to collect pack-n-play, noise machine etc. etc.  We left at 12:20a.m. Came home, transferred both sleeping kids straight to bed – smoothly, no drama. 

Lots of work for us, but the kids cooperated in this experiment, so now we know it can be done.  Hurray!


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