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that hot guy from the stars

Posted on: March 20, 2014

uh… lately most of my mental, physical, and (expendable) emotional energies have been given to DO MIN JOON SSIiiiiiii so any other updates will have to wait until spring subsides.  I get into this mood every spring, so i guess it’s time to embrace the pattern and celebrate my uniqueness (or commonality with all the Chinese, I guess….).   I’ve already committed $169 of Son’s hard earned money to preordering the DVD set (will need to hack my blue ray player to make it region free…)  after having watched the show itself 6x (well that’s an exaggeration because I’ve only watched it all the way through 2x, subsequent viewings I kept on skipping more and more episodes towards the end, because they were all crying waaaayy too much for my liking), also, watched all the clips pertaining to the show (interviews, behind the scenes) using different search word combinations in Chinese, Korean, English, Vietnamese.  I wish i have retained enough Japanese to work that aspect, but 2 semesters’ worth of devotion just couldn’t cut it…    Also, read all the postings and news related items on soompi.com, re-read the recaps on dramabeans.com 4x, watched and compared the subs on viki.com vs. dramafever (drama fever sucks)….

If you are a fan of this series, what are your favorite scenes?  Mine are in order of greatness:

1. manga store where DMJ went in and proceeds to read the list of books he’s there to pick up.

2. blood pressure monitor sequence following the 15s kiss

3. “open sesame” moment where CSY used the Joseon curse backward, got corrected, and she just said “whatever!” and barged in.

4. 1st pissing contest between 2 guys over drunk CSY, interrupted by her sitting up yelling “shut up! I’m trying to sleep!”

5. cliff rescue scene (it was super duper awesome the 1st time I saw it, but dramatic effect greatly reduced in subsequent viewings, that’s why it ends up down here.  the other scenes retain their charms with repeated viewings).

Most of my favorite scenes are early on in the series.  As with almost all series that I have favored, the first half I’ve always found to be much much more enjoyable than the 2nd half.  The volume of tears just explode exponentially in the 2nd half of any given series, so it tires me out.  I didn’t shed a single tear while watching this series.  I know KSH says that he LOVES crying scenes and the writer obliged him in this series – I think he cried in nearly every single episode all the way to the bitter end – though I wish he would have cut that in half.  He said (in an interview) crying is his way of working through crisis and whatever baggage that is weighting on his mind.  Should I interpret, judging by the amount of crying that he did in this series, that the boy is seriously in love and needs help ?

The plot holes were peppering throughout the series, building up to the major crazy WORM that made its appearance in ep 21.  I was so there with javabeans when she said “wtf” because that was my feeling exactly.  I wish the writer were my sister or something so that I could help her formulate something that made more sense SPOILER ALERT, READ ON AT YOUR OWN RISK:  like at least she should have set it up for the aliens to be the ones who built an experimental wormhole, brought the portal to earth with them, installed it on this once in a 400 yrs trip and then due to technical glitches, the portal disappeared at the time of installation, then appeared elsewhere and pulled DMJ through (without him knowing) as he had in him both earth and KMTsomething something elements and that was what activated the portal.  DMJ didn’t know how to make it work so the rest of his time was spent trying to figure it out, blah blah blah.  That would have justified the arrival of the UFO as somewhat important.  And makes things less sloppy.
– another thing, CSY moping and crying in ep.21 seems very outrageously inconsistent with her character, since she’s someone who is strong and feisty in public, and only breaks down in private.  After 3 years, I imagine her to be dominating the melo drama scene as the actress who can cry rivers and weep upon command – that would have been more logical and fitting.  That would have been more funny – WHO KILLED THE FUNNY IN THE END ?  But these are just some gripes I have, it doesn’t make me love the show any less, i bought everything they served me in that show, plot holes and all.

I’m generally content with my life in its every day predictability, consistency, and familiarity.  The thrills that a good book or a good movie/drama give me are all I have left of my youth’s memories.  That is, it throws me back to the time I was 14 and let me live those mornings again, when I woke up full of excitement and anticipation.  I looked forward to the day unfolding because I didn’t know what was in store.  It was because of my physical changes, me growing into someone else that I had no idea how I will turn out… Now life is pretty (and thankfully) predictable, so it feels secured but lacks excitement.  So I think it’s ok to throw myself whole heartedly into something once in a while, just to confirm that the 14 year old is still in there.

Tonight I just watched “The Thieves” – purely because of this one clip I saw of Zampano being kissed NOT by his girl.  The bewilderment that was on his face = totally worth my time that could have been wisely spent on sleeping.  If you want to see it, check out the movie on youtube, at around 46″00 or somewhere around there, when he and Anycall (or Jenycall??) went into the bar together for a mission.

i  did bake some biscotti in between.  Son has been reminding me to make some for 2 days in a row, so it’s only fair that he gets them since they are now worth $169.


5 Responses to "that hot guy from the stars"

Love this series. Agreed that the first half was wayyy better with all the elements. The second half was dragging and filling in so that the writer can figure out how to write the last minute semi-happy ending to make viewers happy.

Anyway, the chemistry between the two leads are just dead-on, and both portrayed their characters like they are living it in real life. I watched the thieves awhile ago and loved that kiss with the little of lips biting at the end. They are just so cute together.

While we were in austria i rewatched the show and got O hooked on it as well. We pulled three nights but couldnt complete it. Now he has to come home in April to finish the rest.

I’m not so crazy about the kiss in “the thieves” between KSH and JJH, but i find the scene where he had to take one for the team to help Anycall complete their mission at the bar very touching and hilarious. He gives out this SOS look while knowing that he’s doomed because he would have to do whatever she wants him to do anyway lol. That’s good acting. I’m liking that boy more and more through his interviews, but I’m afraid that with fame, he won’t be so much fun anymore, because he had already gotten repeated warnings from his agency for speaking whatever is on his mind instead of doing talking points. in one interview where he was asked what was his skincare secret, he blurted out “that’s the power of make up, you should use them!” lol

chị coi được đến tập 9-10 gì đó thì ngừng, ai cũng khen quá trời nên để chị đi coi tiếp

ne^’u chi. coi ma` tu+. ngu+`ng thi` co’ the^? 0 pha?i taste cu?a chi., kho?i ca^`n coi tie^’p lol. Da^n nghie^`n nhu+ em coi la` marathon nonstop xong sau ddo’ qua`nh la.i co.i the^n 2-3 la^`n nu+~a chu+’ ddu+`ng no’i la` tu+. ngu+`ng coi o+? giu+~a

Haha, chị đang luyện đến tập 14 rồi .. lúc đầu không lôi cuốn lắm nhưng coi thì ghiền rồi.
Cái vụ mà coi rồi coi lại them 2-3 lần là chị bị mấy phim rồi nhe. Linh KS giới thiệu bộ Sungkyunwank Scandal, chị coi đi coi lại 2-3 lần,

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