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almost 20 months

Posted on: June 23, 2014

month 20 seems to be a biggie for Tim.  One bottom canine had already erupted, the other one, swelling for a week now.  He’s suddenly discovered the joy of communicating, so he spends a lot of his time expressing himself – lots of no’s and I want. Even in his sleep, I’ve heard him say “no? no?”   After 2 weeks of rapidly acquiring single syllable words, last night he woke up at 1:30 a.m. and decided it was the right time to dispense 2 syllable words.  These early morning showcases are driving me nuts, because they average 2 hours, with this week breaking record at 4 hours in length.  Bedtime had become suspenseful for us too, because sometimes it would take up to 2 hours for him to finally pass out.

Sometimes I don’t fully appreciate the soul-eating power of sleep deprivation (it was used as torture method after all) until it’s too late, and I catch myself sitting staring at nothing in particular at midnight instead of going to bed.  Or I feel dead tired but absolutely abhor the idea of laying down – until I realize that it’s because I can’t stand the prospect of being roused as soon as I just begin to drift off.  I’d rather not sleep at all than to be tortured that way.  Tim had slept well for a few months before, but milestones and teething are not his friends.  May takes all of this in stride, sleeping through most of Tim’s antics and showtimes.  He chewed on her finger last night and she just moved her hand away, then when he started to protest and I took him away from her, she just sat up briefly to tell me that he chewed on her finger and that she didn’t do anything to him.

We moved May into Tim’s room this past week.  He used to have the whole big room to his lonesome self, but now May sleeps in the twin bed, and Tim stays in his crib.  Tim knows how to fall asleep on his own.  Tim is used to sleeping alone.  Yet all of this does nothing to ensure that he can be left alone from 8pm-8am.  If he wakes up, he just climbs out of bed and goes looking for us.  No matter how many nights we have led him back to his own bed, it does not teach him to just go back to sleep. He does that sometimes, when he feels like it.  Tim does things when he feels like it.  When he’s not going through growth spurts, then he’s pretty easy.  When he’s going through growth spurts, then we get a taste of what other parents feel with a high need kid.  Through it all, May has been very helpful and compliant, a very good sister and team member.

5 is giving May an eloquence with words, with which she uses to express the depth of her love for her family.  Sometimes she sounds sincere and sweet enough that it’s poetic.  Other times she says typical kid stuffs, such as (said with much trepidation),  “mommy, I know you say I can’t watch TV and I’m trying my best to not look at the TV, but my eyes keep on looking at the TV…”  etc., etc..

One thing remains consistent: my fickle heart has moved on, so I’m no longer spending much of my time catching up with KSH’s fandom.  One day I just snapped out of it.  Like, this guy is cute and awesome, but I’ve already watched all his videos and shows, read all his interviews and articles.  I’ll just catch up to new stuffs in a few months.  And so now my time is spent slowly reorganizing the garage and fight my losing battle with May’s pile of arts and crafts.  Actually that’s not true.  The losing battle is fought downstairs, among the clothes that are endlessly appearing in cycles of dirty laundry and washed laundry and…. bleh….



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