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coming to earth this June

Posted on: February 3, 2015

10499522_10152787103891731_3820454408673353436_o May was so happy to find out that her wish has been fulfilled, she immediately named this new baby girl “Fairy Twinkle,” which May thinks is the most awesome combination of beauty and magic in the world at the moment.  Poor Tim was just “Ball Ball” so off-handedly.  Although that boy, true to his name, has, if anything, definitely, balls.

months before Summber baby was conceived, I sent Son this email:

first child = Nguyễn Sông May / May Song Nguyen (official)
it’s meaningful and beautiful and perfect to me in both languages.  There’s harmony in the two halves, and each has a separate identity that complements the other.  
second child = Nguyễn Hiểu Tìm / Tim Hieu Nguyen (official).
In this name, the Vietnamese takes over, with just enough compromise so that the English part is usable.  However, his name will always be Vietnamese to us.  Being Vietnamese is also like that sometimes, with that unrelenting part that seems to lend itself, but in reality it doesn’t, so that one might have the looks and feels of being one of the same, but essentially different.
third child = Nguyễn Sông Mơ / Summer “Wind” / Summer Nguyen (official)
Harmony broke down when I sought to have it both ways, literally.  But once I gave up trying to force it, and to just let English take the lead, it took me to the Vietnamese shadow that is a clear sister of first child’s name.  This child will have a name where the  English part of it will echo the Vietnamese sounds, and the Vietnamese part will imitate the English sound.  And that’s also reflective of our multicultural experience, and perhaps our children’s too.   
This baby will be the last one because I think I have run out of names.

5 Responses to "coming to earth this June"

Yay for another girl. Kì này không có hình bầu sexy hả?

Love the name summer nhá. Có chị bạn cũng đặc tên con là summer bảo hạ. Very cute name.

Cant wait to see the new babe.

Chúc mừng cả nhà thêm 1 lần nữa nè. ❤ ❤ ❤

Welcome to "club mẹ 3 con" nhen Nhỏ ui! 😉 Giờ mình quay qua dụ khị mẹ PP đi há 😉

tên Sông Mơ / Summer đều đẹp hết. Mà tên cả 3 chị em đều đẹp và đầy ý nghĩa. Thích quá đi.

Congrats! 🙂
I like Summer Wind. 🙂 hổng lẽ chôm ta. J/k.

con you lo+’n he^’t ro^`i cha(?ng le~ ddo^?i te^n ? hay la` vie^’t fiction dda^y ? lol

Chi. ra^t’ thi’ch te^n nay Bo`n o+i …

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