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Tim at 27 months

Posted on: February 12, 2015

he says “I nite bac ho”

translation: I like backhoe

he eats nem like it’s chicken nuggets

he’s ok with Pho everyday

he likes eating uncooked ramen noodles for snacks

he loves vietnamese crunch beef jerky

he prefers grass jelly to jello

he goes to stores and says “I nite this” and puts whatever he likes into the cart like a boss

If Son’s drinking boba and leaves the table, he would come back to find Tim in his place, drinking as if he’s always been there.

When dancing, putting on one of May’s dress up pieces is a must

going to bed routine involves him saying “tickle mommy!” and then shoving his hand far up my sleeve hoping to reach my armpit. Or Son’s.

May: “Good morning!”  Tim:  “May go out, go out May!!” pushing her out of the bed.  Poor May

Whever he’s hurt, he doesn’t necessarily cry, but he will ask for “xoa xoa” (a rubbing) – and it must be a head rub, doesn’t matter where he’s hurt.

Tim likes climbing, swinging high, being tossed down as if he’s a wrestler, behing held upside down and spin around in a circle.

When taking at bath, he puts toy fishes into a cup and says “ca’ bo+i bo+i nu+o+’c ” meaning “fishes are swimming in water”

“A car, a…ca’, a…me`o, a… nha`, a moon, a star…” Vietnamese and English in complete mishmash

Tim likes fire trucks, garbage trucks, back hoe, police car… all vehicles except trains.  He’s ok with trains, but he doesn’t choose them.

Tim has a loving heart, easy going spirit, stubborn insistence but flexible temperament.  He’s out going, friendly, expressive, but not a chatterbox.  He’s my ideal man in everyway.

I said, Tim, here’s a baby, soon there will be a baby in our family for you to play with, mommy will bring home a baby sister for you ok?

Tim noddled emphatically and said “yes please!”


2 Responses to "Tim at 27 months"

Awww, love Tim! He seems easy going and dễ nuôi. Thương quá. Mà Tim nói nhiều tiếng Việt ghê há. Chắc tại có chị May dạy Tim nói. Nhớ May quá nà.

no, Ti`m no’i tie^’ng vie^.t nhu+ ha.ch, 1/2 of the time nghe cha? ai hie^?u chi? bo`n hie^?u, pha^`n lo+’n nga`i pha’n tie^’ng Anh nhu+ tha^.t

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