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Tet, the abscense of

Posted on: February 24, 2015

this year we felt 0 excitement for Tet.  by coincidence, we did leave for a short family vacation trip on the first, coming back on the 2nd (Monterey Bay, 24 hours of gloomy foggy weather and chilly winds, but the kids had fun).  The only traditional thing we have been keeping up after these 14 years together is figuring out who should enter the house first.  We even skipped Tet greetings this year, no li xi, nothing for anybody.  I managed to grab some food from Ma Tim, but that’s probably just my glutonous nature, I’d come to get food even if it’s not a holiday.  May was asking me about Chinese New Year and I gave her a brief explanation of the lunar calendar vs. the solar calendar.  Then she said how come we didn’t go see the New Year parade in Chinatown, my answer was, too crowded.  Then she didn’t care, because we gave her 4 playdates in one week, who cares when you have 4 playdates in 7 days.

We have passed many holidays with this sort of indifferent spirit (or lack of, I should say).  Good thing that Son and I share the same, uh, apathy.  Once in a while I did set the mood and made certain holidays quite cheerful, at which Son did happily join in, but if the word that comes out of my mouth = I don’t give a damn, then that year no one carries a flag around.  Good things our kids are also of the apathetic variety, cheerfully so.


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