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Posted on: July 2, 2015


Twins, 6 years a part.  Don’t believe me?  Behold:



IMG_6725  11009911_10153096882346731_38965554531471082_n

one is May and the other is Summer at 1 week.


IMG_6833 11417825_10153101030431731_1567585835608795739_o

May vs. Summer at 1 week.



Summer vs. Tim.  In 2.5 years, I will put Summer in the same hat and tshirt, we’ll see if she can pass as Tim.


What I’ve learned from being stuck at the hospital for 36+ hours while NOT in labor:  pennicilin is a total bitch!!  Oh my god, what a total bitch.  With the last two kids, I got the drip during delivery, but because those 2 times were in-n-out business and I got me a baby within 3-6 hours after being admitted, I didn’t have time to savor the crazy torment that one single drip can do.  This time, because my water broke at midnight on Friday and I got me no baby til Sunday night, between Friday and Sunday, 10 bags of pennicilin drip went into my poor tired veins, and they burned their way in >_<   Each drip got progressively more painful, just as the nurse had promised….

On a more possitive note, after multiple attempts to resist being induced, I finally gave up and told them to bring on the pitocin at 3pm on Sunday (i think they started at 4:30).  I don’t regret holding out, because after going against the dr’s advise 3x, one of the swing nurses who passed by and helped me briefly did me a huge favor by sharing her experience of water breaking with no contraction and being induced, except it happened to her 17 years ago and she said things have changed significantly since her days.  She said I can now have a say in how much oxytocin is being released – when, how much, and also have the ability to stop it all together.  She said the recommended rate is 200ml for 30 min, then 400ml for 30 min, then 800ml for 30 minutes until I give birth, and it’s what the dr goes by if I don’t say anything.  But I can decide to increase or decrease the dosage as well as the length of time.  If and when my own body is in active/full labor, I can also reduce the amount or turn it off.  Because of this, I was able to do 200ml for 1 hour, then up to 400ml for 40min, then up to 600ml for less than 20 min, at which I felt like the contractions were waaaay too painful and waaay too frequent, so I requested for it to go back down to 400ml – still too much – asked for it to get turned off, the dr. purposely ignored this request, saying that since I was fully dialated, just keep it on and the powerful contraction will help me push more effectively.

I got the baby out in 2 pushes – first push was just to gauge things, and then with the 2nd push, I was ready to be over with this whole business, so it was the fastest quickest birth out of 3 kids lol.  Now looking back, I am not happy that the OB ignored my request to turn the oxytocin off.  She has her reasoning and professional opinion, but I know my own body and I know from experience that my own contractions are good enough to complete the birth process.  Whether turning the med off or leaving it dripping probably wouldn’t have mattered at that point, but I would still have wished that she honored my request or at least addressed it in a more satisfactory manner instead of telling me that it was what got me into labor so let’s stick with it.  Easy for you to say cuz you are not dealing with these unnatural contractions !!!  It hurts me, not you, grrrrrr…  The reason I wanted the meds turn off is because my own body has a certain rhythm that contractions follow, which allows me to prepare for them and allow me to rest in between most effectively.  The oxytocin’s, on the other hand, just come and go at very unnatural intervals – they are not bad to deal with initially, but during active labor phase, they tire me out and are harder to deal with than the contractions I experienced naturally with my first 2 kids.  I liken it to the hammock vs. the mechanical swing.  The hammock that swings due to momentum – that would be my natural contractions.  The baby swing that is controlled by the motor, that would be what oxytocin contractions feel like.  The contractions don’t feel good, the “waves” don’t wash over you and carry you to a high crest and let you fall Hawaiian style.  It feels like you are being carried on a very fast escalator and then descending way too quickly to feel or see anything worth while, all the while being kicked in the ass by an abusive companion.  I hope my words have aptly described my exprience with pitocin….

The good news is, with the info the nurse had given me, I felt less scared about fetal distress – that’s my #1 fear with being induced – that the contractions come too regular and too fast and too strong, often leading to baby heart rate dropping >>> c-section.  Summer held out strong through everything, so in the end, everything was smooth.  Summer was born shortly before 9pm, and the next day at 3pm, we left the hospital.  Bye bye !

This 3rd child also comes with unbelievably quick recovery.  Within 3 days I was totally able to be up and about, 1 week, I was pretty much painfree and can run if I need to.  Bleeding was barely any.  Was it because of the 10 bags of antibiotics ?  The bag of Pitocin ??  Those were the only 2 meds that went into my drip.  I was fortunate enough to have escaped the anti seizure med cocktail that I was subjected to during the birth of first 2 kids.  This time my blood pressure was still high, but not high enough to make everyone go bonkers.  Immediately after delivery, the OB came to recommend starting me on magnesium and some high blood pressure medication as preventative measures. Son just recommended no, so I said no.  My blood pressure is perfectly fine now.  THE END


8 Responses to "photo heavy"

Happened 2x to me when i got induced with pitocin. C-sec twice due to baby heart rate drop because contractions were too strong.

Glad you recover quick! Strong woman!

Finally I got to see the face. She does look like May. Wow!

Strong woman, I would have just followed by whatever the doctor said because I don’t know the difference.

Happy that you are recovering well and quick.


yeah Tran, tui cu+’ nho+’ to+’i tru+o+`ng ho+.p cu?a Tran ne^n tui resisted ta.i tui so+. baby bi. distressed

Trang, khi na`o and if you ddi dde? #3 you nho+’ ask all your options, 0 ca^`n refuse, ma` ho?i “what if” tho^i, chu+’ tui nghi~ ne^’u no’ bo? pitocin vo^ ma` tui 0 bie^’t gi` cha(‘c tui ddau che^’t ba` tui luo^n

Lần sau sẽ nhớ hỏi. Bà OB của trang cũng tốt lắm. I Like her a lot.

OB cu?a bo`n cu~ng lovely ma` nga`y o^?ng on call thi` tui dek dde? lol

em tên Sông Mơ phát âm summer nghe cute quá quá quá đi
Chúc mừng cả nhà. mẹ tròn con vuông cha chữ nhựt hả? hahahhah

ho+ ho+, cha ro~ ra`ng chu+~ nhu+.t thie^.t ta.i te^n go.i tha`nh Sun ma` lol

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