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Summer at 5 weeks

Posted on: July 28, 2015

blogging at this unholy hour can only mean one thing: baby was partying hard.  Now she is on the swing with me manually swinging her, i’m hoping she’ll give me 3 hours.  We’ll see.

I’ve been reviewing my notes on May and Tim as infants just to refresh my memory, and not surprisingly, notes on Tim are scarce.  On the whole, Summer reminds me a lot of May, but with a temper added.  She’s not as crazy about the boob, in fact she was experiencing nipple confusion this past week so I’ve been working on correcting it.  We’re doing well after 2 days of limited access to pacifier and bottles, her latch has returned to normal.

Can’t talk about an infant without mentioning poop.  Summer’s poops about the same amount as May, but unlike May, she has stopped pooping at night – thanks goodness.  The poop consistency is also like May’s, whereas Tim’s was very different I had to ask Ma. Ti’m to get reassurance that her son, too, had poops like that.  By this age, I think Tim’s poop amount had gone down to maybe 2 a day, wheras Summer is still doing about 4.  May, by comparison, was 6ish around the clock.

I’ve realized it a bit too late that with 10 bags of penicillin in my system during delivery, that must have meant my whole digestive system and Summer’s were basically whacked.  I have only added probiotics to my own diet at week 5 and I’m also going to give Summer some as soon as I can remember…  I’m pumping about 2x per day.  Summer is gaining weight well, check up isn’t til the end of August, but my dead arms and pinched nerves tell me she’s gained quite a bit.  She doesn’t look as chubby as her sibblings at the same age though.  I have not even taken a picture of her, oops.  Sleep has been quite crazy around here, because she’s still requiring a lot of help.  I have to work on it this week because Son’s going back to work on Saturday.  So far I’ve been focused on napping / feeding Summer while Son takes care of the other two kids.  This leaves him completely drained and exhausted by the end of the day, ha ha.  He keeps on saying “I don’t see how you can do it with 3 kids on your own.”  My man is glass half empty, while I’m all saying “it’s basically like 2 kids which I have done before, because May is basically worry-free in terms of trouble-making potentials.”  it’s just not going to be the same because Tim requires much more energy and attention than May, but i’m just going to be glass half full until reality kicks my butt.  When school starts, I will have Son helping out for 2 weeks to get things going with the kids’ schedule. and then after that, I’ll see if my mom would come up.  Mom’s 73 going on 90 in terms of energy level, but she’s sweet in temperment and most importantly, I will only need her to stay at home during pick ups.  Tim will be in school 9-12:30, May, 9:30-3:00, art on tues 4-5pm, kungfu on Thur 5:30-6, Sat 12:00-12:30pm.  All these hours will coincide with Summer’s napping schedule for a while, I’m sure, so as long as I have mom around, then she can just watch the sleeping babe while I dash around picking/dropping off the kids.

This week is focused on establishing Summer’s nap schedule and also training her to sleep in the swing.  It’s more like training myself, cuz obviously babies at this age isn’t much of a learner.  If she doesn’t like it, she screams.  So I’m training myself to figure out the best way to nap her without completely neglecting Tim (basically throwing the tablet at him to rot his brain).

Can’t wait to have Nana back from Maine.  Then she can help me with driving May to her classes…


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