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first memory

Posted on: February 22, 2016

Tim is showing significant emotions attached to a memory for the first time yesterday at 3 years 4 months.  He went to his friend’s birthday party for the first time as an invitee (instead of a crasher), had so much fun there, came back with a red helium balloon, and was pulling that balloon with him everywhere around Nana’s house until he let go of it by accident while outside, and the balloon flew away.

He then held his head and curled up, not crying, but lamenting “my red balloon fly away.” I explained to him that if that’s the case, then it flies away like a bird, you can’t bring a random bird back, you can’t bring the red balloon back.  He perked up for a moment, saying “I have an idea, let’s go get another balloon!”  We quickly vetoed that bright idea.  He was distracted for a minute or two, then curled up again on the floor in the kneeling positing, holding his head, saying “my red balloon flies awaay.”

This continued for the rest of the night, with him remembering and lamenting about his flyaway red balloon every other hour or so.  He didn’t pester us or anything, but he just mentioned it in a sad tone.  At bed time, he told me “My red balloon flies away like a bird.”

This morning when he woke up, he mentioned his balloon again.

This is the first time he is attached to an event to this extend.


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