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em là định mệnh đời anh

Posted on: March 29, 2016

hình như “em là định mệnh đời anh” = bản xuất bản, unofficial net version thì tên là “tên em là bệnh của anh” which is the literal title.  Mình đọc xong “tên em là bệnh của anh” thì mới thấy cái ver. kia.  Đọc bản xuất bản khá hơn, bản kia bị mất lung tung and dịch hơi lủng củng phần xưng hô.

For the most part thì truyện này đọc ok, không có tình tiết gì đặc biệt bỉ ổi sáo rỗng.  Duy nhất 1 điểm mình dính bệnh nghề nghiệp, ngó vào là red flag bay phất phới, đó là khi tác giả dùng bệnh trầm cảm đễ thúc đẩy mạch truyện.  This is fine, I don’t have a problem with that, but she seems to have confused the facts.  Ending of the book affirms that he has been cured, long been cured, and actually he may not have had depression at all.  It gives him a clean bill of health, except, uhm, the guy has been CUTTING.  In fact, he developed this habbit after he went through the stress of the relationship, and the 1 year gap where he underwent extreme stress, he continued to cut, all the way up until they made up and lived happily ever after.  So he’s not fine.  He hasn’t learned any coping mechanism, there is no guarantee that in the future, if she fights with him or some tragic event breaks his heart, the guy won’t go off and hurt himself again.  So don’t say he’s been cured and she was his illness, as long as she is around, he’ll be fine.  That’s called emtional dependence……..


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