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Posted on: April 22, 2016

I remember when I was young, there was a recorded play broadcasted on TV.  Back in those days, plays were still common in VN, people entering stage acting more than films, because obviously budget to produce plays were much less than movies or dramas.

Anyhow, play.  It was a play about a group of students, I want to say college age, but they could be high schoolers.  It started out full of energy, lots of funny situations and jokes, lively.  And so I watched and watched, by midpoint, the crowds dispersed and there were parents weeping and yelling and lamenting.  It went downhill from thereon.  I forgot how it ended.  I think I tuned out when everyone started crying.

When I was 16ish, I think ? 15-16ish, I read Chiung Yao’s Pi Yun Tian (Bích Vân Thiên), another novel about college age group of friends.  Same thing.  The first few chapters were all about them hanging out, having fun, bonding, joking, being mischievious.  And then, as characters fell in love, the crowds dispersed, and everyone started crying.  Arghh.

It seems like groups of friends follow that trajectory in real life.  Don’t ask me about my groups of friends.  They are all online, who knows if they cry for real or not.


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