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Posted on: May 13, 2016

May has a friend who is FOB from China.  The teacher and the class mom (organizer who is in charge of communications regarding parents-teacher fun activities) have been trying for months to update the immigrant mom’s email info, but they hit a communication roadblock.  When I became aware of this, I showed the classroom mom Google translate magic with a bit of instructions — namely use the most straightforward sentence structure, avoid idioms and slangs, avoid figurative languages.  Since I dont know how to type in Chinese (I looked it up, aparently it’s quite a learning curve!  and because I looked up how Chines is typed, it helps me figure out the right words whenever I suspect a typo in Chinese texts.  Google teaches me everything.) I used google translate to write message requesting the mom to give correct email address, explaning why the teacher needs it.  Then I corrected what google has translated from English into Chinese to make things more smooth and less like Tarzan.  Then i cut & pasted that texts into an email to classroom mom, telling her to just show that to the Immigrant mom

Classroom mom came up to me last week to report success, and now she is ready to go conquer all new immigrant moms with google translate  :))

A trip to the ER yesterday with Summer has put everything on hold for 24 hours.  Everyone is doing well and on the mend.  UTI is a bitch, but the bitch’s getting fixed.

Our family getaway is cancelled, though.  Oh well, we’ll go to Hawaii in October then.


2 Responses to "google translate magic"

Yay to Em Mơ getting better. Getaway đi đâu?

chỗ làm của Sơn cho family vacation in Monterey

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