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Posted on: May 16, 2016

we were driving uphill on our way to Helen’s today.
Son: come on Tesla, why are you like this !!
me: THIS ? This is a Tesla ??
Son: Yes.
me: you want to drive this car?  This shitty driver is giving me such a bad impression of the car already!
Son: This is not the nice model, the other black model is much nicer.
me: forget it, bad impression, boo.
Son: When I buy it for myself, you can just stay out of it.
me: WHUT? You kicking your own wife out of a %$!$! car??
Son: you said you don’t like it.
me: Then you should just buy a different one!!  Get me a friggin’ Lincoln…..
me: Wait, that car is a funeral car isn’t it, I want the most whorish car, not a funeral car, like I want the whore version of a car, what do you think ? Which brand would it be? Make it a Cadillac, right ?
me: with grille.

now that I think about it, grille would make it a pimpy car…..


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