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Posted on: August 20, 2016

I’ve been an ayu fans for years, though not particularly a fan of her voice.  But the way she performs, the expressiveness of her singing, and her intensely personal lyrics always bring me into “the mood” any time.  I think she’s a very gifted lyricist.


This year, another season has passed.
Memories have become faded.
The border between my vague dream and
Reality has become blurred.
Even so, the dream I once told you of
Did not have a single lie in it.
La La-i…
Today was fun —
And tomorrow will surely be fun as well.
These days will continue forever…
Or so I thought at the time.
Throughout the endless days,
I felt As if something was missing.
I blamed it on these unnatural times,
And just gave up.
La La-i…
Today was very sad —
And even if I cry tomorrow,
Someday the time will come that I can laugh,
And say I had days like that.
How much time must pass by,
In this finite existence of ours?
We’ll live in the present,
And what will we find?

source of translation: globemoon.net

Ayu trong cuộc interview tiếng Anh với đài entertainment gì của Hongkong, nói nghe airhead dễ sợ. Tuy accent của cô đó rất tốt, luyện được ra một cái accent nghe gần giống….. Britney Spears. Mà mannerisms ra cũng kiểu airhead tương tự, very unflattering.  Giọng cô này lúc nói tiếng Nhật thì eo éo giống con nít 8 tuổi, lúc nói tiếng Anh thì đổi thành giọng thiếu phụ U40  y như thật.


3 Responses to "ayu"

I used to listen to her when I was in high school.. so long ago. I liked her back then too but could only listened to certain songs. For me, her voice is so hard to listen to sometimes. Do you like Utada Hikaru? I got into Japanese songs because of her song “First Love”. Her voice is easier on the ears than Ayumi imo…

i have the “i’m here saying nothing” my husband listens to her more than me. Ayu gives me a headache sometimes, that’s why i say i’m not a fan of her voice

I feel like the lyrics speaks up for my life right now :))

I don’t listen to Ayumi but I like her cover of B’z Itsuka no Merry Christmas with Gackt. I guess I don’t listen to her also because of her voice.

I like old J-pop songs (70s, 90s, 00s, enka) more than current songs. my playlist is like 75% Japanese songs for years and yet I still can’t understand lol

I started to like Japanese songs because of Jdrama theme songs, then I got into SMAP. SMAP isn’t the best singer but they have a show in which they sometimes sing other artist’s song in the end. I started to like other J-artists like Kaguyahime, Princess Princess, Off course, Oda Kazumasa, Takeuchi Mariya, Le Couple, Masha, Matsu Takako, Hirai Ken,… but never into idols (except SMAP) though. I think I’m the weird one lol

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