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yo ! pokemon trainer !

Posted on: November 1, 2016


Allow me to gloat.  Considering that May and I had less than 1.5 hours to pull this outfit together, buying 1 baseball cap only, the rest were improvised, I’m pretty damn proud of myself !

Some of the details seen here (baseball cap, pokemon ball) were colored using …… ultralight texture polymer modeling clay, it worked well and had appearance and texture of of puffy t-shirt paints.

The romper that May has on is her wetsuit – and it did rain the whole time we went trick-or-treating, so she was dried and warm.


Here’s May trying to catch pikachu with a pokeball, pikachu looking a lot like a chicken.



On a different note:  Monterey Bay Aquarium (MBA) currently has a Baja California special exhibition with a feature that my kids really loved.  It’s a huge computerized screen looking very much like a fish tank.  Fish swimming around etc.  There are about 6 tablet stations lined up infront of this giant screen, each screen is a color-your-own-fish activity. Once the kid is done coloring and tap on submit, the fish shows up on the screen.  There is also an option to email the fish to a parent’s email address.  May and Tim spent a lot of time doing this activity.  We went on a Monday and the place was practically deserted.  On the weekend there is a huge crowd.

here’s the tablet screen




here’s Tim’s fish entering the aquarium



the other set of costumes:

em trai không ăn nhập



9 Responses to "yo ! pokemon trainer !"

em Mơ hình cuối hoá trang thành cô bé em trong Toroto phải không chị?

ừ, còn Satsuki nữa mà

hôm qua đọc mà nay mới comment, em tính hỏi vậy Tìm hoá trang thành ai, coi lại thấy con pikachu, mà góc chụp nhìn y như gà thiệt lol

tim was superman, the pikachu was Summer.

bỏ hình vào rồi đó

I love the other costumes!! My neighbor Totoro was the first anime movie that I watched…still my fav until now.

that’s the first anime I watched too, hồi đó coi với 2 con bạn, một đứa người quảng đông, 1 đứa người hồng không, coi bằng cái đĩa laser disc mua bên hồng kông, dubbed bằng biếng cantonese hết mới ghê :)) Còn nhớ cái laser discs to đùng không ?? mới nhét thêm vài hình nữa, phải lựa hình không show mặt 🙂
thêm hình https://hucaucosat.wordpress.com/#jp-carousel-8601

Hình như hồi đó e coi video cassette mướn ở ngoài tiệm. Coi từ lúc còn ở vn. Sao này sang Mỹ mới coi lại dvd with English subtitles.


yeah that little girl went around facebook and now is a celeb. Last year I saw a really cool No Face in Berkeley too

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