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“Sendler’s list”

Posted on: November 5, 2016


taking a break from fictional lala land for a dose of reality.  There are 2 books that came up as recommendations, one is “Irena’s Children”  and the other is an illustrated version (beautifully done, the art actually attracted me to the subject, before I looked at what it was about) – “Jars of Hope

this blog post is pretty comprehensive summary of her good deeds, but it has a few facts incorrect, one of which is, Sendlers was not able to locate all of her 2,500 children.  Some 400-500 are still missing to this day, assumed either dead or never knew they were jewish.

Makes me all teared up, because of her extraordinary selfless acts, but also because of the sorrow she feels, that nothing has changed, the world is still so bloody and people are still so cruel.  If you think the holocaust is a thing of the past, genocide still happens daily.

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