i know what you mean!

the rich inner life of dreams…

Posted on: November 15, 2016

giấc mơ này nằm đầu danh sách tuyệt tác

i know what you mean!

idlehouse: me dreamt
idlehouse: some event at home in VN on 2nd floor where there was the color tv
idlehouse: TV was on, room was dark
idlehouse: Son jumped on moi while me was lying under blankets watching TV and proceeded to humpo
idlehouse: me said “ssshhhh, there are people here!”
thadieu:idlehouse: Son said it’s ok, no one notices, what a turn on
idlehouse: but me position on bed wasn’t stable
idlehouse: so pretty soon, both of us te’ bo^? ngu+?a onto the ground
idlehouse: and the impact was so great that at the time of the fall, me hand was on his shalf
idlehouse: after the fall, me hand was holding his shaft – detached from him
idlehouse: no blood or anything, and interestingly, Son turns into Tin at this point
idlehouse: and me gave it back to Tin and said “ssshhhh, just take…

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2 Responses to "the rich inner life of dreams…"

Cái này là lúc sắp mang bầu may phải không? Hormones run!

no, cái này lâu lâu lắc rồi

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