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thân phận làm người (Việt)

Posted on: November 24, 2016

my facebook wall has gotten pretty …. interesting lately.  I started following a few human rights activists in VN and keeping up with their activities, then I followed a famous artist/intellectual who has been kept under 24/7 surveillance of the Vietnamese government due to his public stance against the regime.  Then I followed  a couple more artists/writers/intellectuals overseas who were part of this artist/intellectual’s circle.  Then the news feeds started calling each other jerks and fakers and communist sympathizers, communists underdogs in disguise, not by the actual people I am friended with or follow, but by their circles, whose writings end up on my wall via “likes” and “share.”  …..

It’s as if no matter how hard we try to work, we can’t get out of the war, of the mentality of us vs. them.  The new generation of human rights activists in Vietnam who are now anti-communist regime are very different from the Vietnamese overseas.  These were children of communist party members, some of them were members of the party formerly, some may or may not still be part of the party.  They grew up under the communist flag, they only knew one national anthem, one flag, and for them to stand up against the communist party, one cannot ask of them to shed all their identities 100%.  It’s nearly impossible to do that.  So when people overseas, because, for example,  one of these activists has raised the current vietnamese national flag and pledged to uphold it, turn their back to all the struggles and fights these young people are doing within the country, it’s just sad.  Activists who have been jailed repeatedly or harassed are still called “fakes” and “moles.”  The conspiracy theories out there have it that these people are actually the party’s operatives, planted within the movement (human rights movement) to gather information, periodically they would make these into martyrs and jail them, but in reality they are fine, and they are actually traitors.  wtf.


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