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Posted on: January 11, 2017

the voice (USA) or UK, judges:  I feel like we have a connection, I liked you because XYZ. choice’s up to you

the voice of Korea judges:  I find your voice and talents very XYZ, I feel like you will be a good fit for my team so I hope you will pick us.

The voice of China judges: fight with each other over contestants, even if they didn’t press the button for some of those contestants.

the voice of Vietnam judges:  random irrelevant jabbers mixed in with pleading contestants to join their team and fight off other judges as if they are selling fishes.



4 Responses to "sighs"

Which season of the voice Viet did you watch? I’ve only watched the voice US (because of Adam). I kind of like Sing my song china season 1, but don’t like sing my song Viet version at all.

i watched some random, couldnt stand it, gave up. cái nào của VN cũng got on my nerve. Voice of China season 3 is superb if you ignore the judges. Voice of Korea = heavenly, I love Voice Kids Korea 2013 (it is fully Vietnamese & english subbed on youtube)

I normally get entertained by the judges, if watching any audition program of china or korea, since I only like certain songs, not the languages itself. but agree, I also can’t stand any Vietnamese audition programs.

Tui coi được đúng 1 lần the voice vietnam mùa đầu tiên mà cái được cái mất, sau đó thì giải tán ko coi gì ráo, ko hiểu sao ba cái quỷ show gì ở vn nó cũng phiền chết mẹ
the voice hollland có 1 thằng rapper cũng đá cá lăn dưa lắm nhưng nó có nhiều bài rap xúc xúc động động hay hay nên tui cũng thích.
idols hl thì má ơi, mắc ói luôn vì judges có 1 thằng mất nết mắc ói nên coi hong dzô nữa

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