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the tax bill has things like defining a an embryo as a “child” for the purpose of setting up a college savings account, written as law, it paves ways for future ruling in favor of anti-abortion.  It eliminates the requirement for ACA, which means people once again get denied of health insurance if they have a pre-existing condition.

My family is in the bracket where we will gain from this piece of shit, but we wanted NONE of it.  We would have been ok with paying more taxes if it means stricter tax laws for top 1% of rich people, especially businesses.  We don’t want some temporary gains that wreck the country’s infrastructure, upset social stability.  It will also make college education for our children more difficult later on, I’m very sure about it.

Today the republican congress acted no different than the Vietnamese communist officials that their supporters often sneers at whenever Bernie Sanders talks.  The Vietnamese officials in Vietnam steal from the people, take whatever money they can get their hands on, and prepare not for reelection, but a rich ticket out.  The republicans did just that today, ignoring their constituents’ wishes, voted to give themselves money, and then leave during 2018 election.

my first thought: oh wow, Jumpa Lahiri is big enough to reach Viet Nam
my 2nd thought: omg the title!

“Interpreter of Maladies” got translated as “Người Dịch Bệnh.”   If Lahiri were maybe  Dan Brown, I think the direct translation is fine.  But for someone like Lahiri whose proses read like fluid poetry, the fact that she put pains into this title, cannot and should not be translated so abruptly like this.  If you put “dịch” next to “bệnh” it gets connected to “bệnh dịch” – plagues.  And it’s such an abrupt world.  I think had the title been “interpreter of diseases” or “interpreter of illnesses,” I would have been ok with the translation, but because the “maladies” gives the title a very layered suggestion, I would want something like “thông ngôn của bệnh tật.”  Thông ngôn is an old world, appropriate counterpart to “maladies” which is also an “old” sounding word.

nguyên tắc của bạn là gì ?
nguyên tắc của tôi, cơ bản nhất, là công bằng.
bởi vì nơi nào có bất công, nơi đó làm tôi mang cảm giác tuyệt vọng, cho nên đường sống cho chính mình là tôi tìm đến sự công bằng.  Cho dù đứa tôi căm ghét nhất, nếu như nó tuân thủ tất cả mọi luật lệ trong cộng đồng, tôi sẽ để kệ.  Điều tôi sợ nhất, khi nắm trong tay bất cứ một trách nhiệm gì, đó là không có khả năng để đòi được công bằng cho những  thành phần thấp cổ bé miệng.  Đối với tôi, quan trọng nhất chính là kẻ ở địa vị thấp nhất.  Họ sẽ là thước đo cho bất cứ một mô hình kim tự tháp nào.

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