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Posted on: June 20, 2018

if you say,  China never ending tightening of its censorship rules is a good thing because China is a big country and people can be weird, and that written materials can lead people astray because they dwell in fictional worlds and mistaken them  for reality — i would suggest another way to look at it:  that perhaps the original idea of placing censorship on creativity has been wrong all along.  That the government has been spoon-feeding the citizens, telling them what to think and what to believe has backfired, now they end up with people who simply see what’s in front of them, nevermind  subtexts, nevermind the whole iceberg, nevermind faculties of sound reasoning.  I’m not saying that is the case with the Chinese people, I’m just saying that if you think, for the good of the people, the government needs to stifle imagination and creativity, under the pretext of “real people might believe in fictional info and get them mixed up with reality” — something is seriously wrong with such people’s intelligence.

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