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what I told her

Posted on: February 26, 2019

I said: May, what I am telling you now are based on what I know, what I believe in, how I see the world. But you shouldn’t just rely on me, you need to read a lot, read a lot, and look around you, before you make up your mind. Don’t be lazy and let me think for you.  Know that your parents will influence your view of the world, but times change, ideas change, so what I know now might not be as complete as when your time comes.  Like my dad used to believe in one thing, and I thought so that’s how the world is, but then I found out that it isn’t, for me.  That was when I got to college, I met a lot of people, learned a lot of new things, read a lot. So be like that, always learning, and before you choose to believe which side is the good guy and which side is the bad guy, try to ask yourself which side has more knowledge with them?  Which side respects the rights of the weak and the helpless equally as of those who are strong and powerful. And then you go from there.

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