i know what you mean!

currently searching for a dvd boxset.

Posted on: May 15, 2020

I had been watching some people posting excerpts of a period drama on twitter, and the plotline is total soap opera with a young student crushing hard on her widower teacher. Of course Julie plays the teacher, because he has the knack for picking really soapy roles. And his character was described as an ex-samurai who left family tradition and found faith in Jesus, so he went to teach for an all girls school after his wife died, instilling western values in the next female generation — this is based on a true story, main character =the first modern Japanese female reporter.  Anyway, you got this Kenshin-eque guy running around looking like hot stuffs for the girl to pine after, and then he was constantly trying to help the students who got into trouble.  Finally we reached a point where he was praying in the chapel and felt dizzy.
I told my friend, omg, if he faints from a heart condition, i’m buying the DVD set.


1 day later


me to my friend: They just carried him home because he collapsed on the street


and the dr came to say he has a heart conditon
I’m buying this shit. 


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