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Alpha:  Đá kiểu đó là nhờ 2 người kia búng lên cao thôi. Cách đây 30 năm, nếu chịu khó tập chắc Alpha tui đá cũng được. Giờ thì xương cốt cứng hết rồi hix
idlehouse: nếu cách đây 38 năm mẹ tui xx cha nào giàu có chân dài, sinh ra tui chân dài, cho tui đi học võ từ tấm bé, chắc bây giờ tui cũng đá được
idlehouse:  mịa, nói chuyện huề vốn !
First house on the block belongs to Rachel, who is my age and who bought the huge house from her parents and spent the last 7 years renovating it (all of its 3 stories!).
Second house on the block, neighbor of Rachel, belongs to Connie and Tom, who have 5 children together ages ranging from 7 to collage graduate. Connie is Mexican and up until 4 years ago, the family used to live in Mexico. Connie now does art shows and seems to have her own line of sangria drinks (?). Something about the sangria we drank today at our other neighbor’s house is significantly linked to Connie
The third house belongs to the lady with the dog, whom we have only exchanged very brief hello’s.
The fourth house is ours.
The fifth house belongs to Bruce, who is a retired social worker of some sort, and is now volunteering for the Red Cross. Bruce’s 2 children are home this summer, one back from Chile (where he taught English) with his soon to be wife, busily preparing for their upcoming wedding, and then both will move to FL where he will attend grad school. The other child just got back in from Palestine, after a year of teaching English over there, and has just decided to sign on for another year in Palestine after all.
The sixth house belongs to Patrice, nana to 5 year old Asia, former teacher now in retirement. I can’t remember Asia’s mom’s name…
Across the street from us live Russ and, uhm, whatshername (Russ’s wife) and their 16 month old son, Oliver (Ollie).
Next to Russ is, uhm, omg I forgot all of their names. But the wife is from Frankfurt, husband is an engineer who used to work in Germany, and their 3 year old son who is absolutely handsome but I can’t remember his equally handsome name right now. Too bad they are now in the process of moving back to Germany.

That’s the most number of neighbors I have taken my time saying hi to and stop to chat from day to day with since I was born. Having a child can change diehard characters.

Supermom is here with AK and KC, my favorite toddler.  KC is still mad about horses but it’s amazing how she could go to stores, clutches a book about horses in her hands the whole time and yet willingly allows her mom to take it away and put it back to the shelf when it’s time to go home.  AK was reserved at first, but now that I’ve played with him, he is all smiles.  Both kids had a bit of a runny nose the first afternoon they got to York, but it seems to be much better today.  This week’s weather has not been as forgiving as last week’s, but chi. Ti’m said it’s still much better than where she was in VA.

So far we went to Son’s friend’s farm so KC could see big horses, pet them, feed them, and even sat on one.  There were also chickens and peacocks and a dog etc. etc. on that farm, so AK and May were entertained as well.  Wednesday it got hotter, so we went to Borders for story time, and then mostly we shopped and played at home.  The water table entertained the kids well in the evening, when it was shaded enough outside for them to go out.  Tomorrow we are planning on a mini water park playdate with TN and TD in Maryland.  More familiar with the work it takes to get 3 kids out of the house, we have humbly planned to show up in Maryland at …3pm, hoping that the kids will have all napped in the car by then and roughly fed some breakfast/brunch/lunch whichever one. The weather seems to be pretty foul tomorrow, but we’re hoping for the best.  Friday promises to be cooler, but I don’t think there will be enough time to get the kids to Lancaster for the petting zoo…

May is learning to play with the kids and really mingle it week.  Poor KC, I think she thinks that all we have to say to her is “KC, DON”T” “KC, NO” “KC, WAIT!”   It’s just that physically, she’s so much more advanced than both AK (19 months), May (14 months), and the cat.  Plus, she is at the age where adults need to set boundaries, so whereas with May and AK, they just get a nominal verbal disapproval or redirection, and then they are either physically moved out of harm’s way or enticed to participate in a different activity, KC gets the full lecture from us on why she should not do the things she did, and then if she objects, then she gets chided for being naughty and not setting good examples etc etc.  My plan is to take both May and AK for some playtime tomorrow and let KC have mom all to herself as much as time allows.  We’ll see if I can handle 2 toddlers.

Ma. Ti’m will be here in less than 24 hours, yay! Too bad we are in the middle of a heatwave this week, no more nice springlike weather for the little ones. But we got the guest room fitted with an AC unit, plus there is a ceiling fan, so I think they’ll be ok. May and I went down to Maryland on Sunday evening, and now our fridge is filled with fruits and vegetables for our guests.

May is opening up more and more to strangers. Last week I saw her mingling with the playdate friends and trying to follow them. This week she let the children in our neighborhood surround her and touch her without fleeing to me. Saturday she played among the Kiens just fine and even let chi. Chi hold her. Sunday she let Patrice, our neighbor, hold her while I prepped lunch. Today, Son’s coworker, Helen, came over for dinner and May, aside from playing happily with her, ran into Helen’s open arms and laughed.

I just got May this recliner today (used, from CL of course). Son has been wanting to get May a chair of her own that isn’t made of plastic, so he was fine with me dragging yet another thing home. And then, while I was making dinner in the kitchen today, May gave me a break by wandering around playing with various things rather than the usual favorite activity of hers, wrapping herself around my legs and tripping us both. First she was in the kitchen with me. Then she followed the cat into the living room and back into the kitchen. Then she was gone and I heard her talking softly. I looked out and found her sitting on her own recliner, pointing at pictures in the Busy Baby Book (thank you di` Q!!!) and talking softly to herself. Son came home from work and found her like that too, and needless to say, he was instantly charmed and sold to the idea of the recliner. (Last year when c3 was all the rage about buying a sofa for MK, I thought what a thing to have in the house, children furniture! Who would want to trip over those things! Now the centerpiece of our living room is May’s climbing cube with the slide attached, and the recliner, of course.)

Pictures will be posted soon, promised!

5 +1

Posted on: June 19, 2010

May just cut her 5th tooth 2 days ago. It’s on the top. I think the 6th one is coming in anytime now, if it hasn’t already. The Kien’s just stopped by today on their way back to Ohio this afternoon. May had so much fun and was an angel. After they left, we took a nap and May is still at it, 2 hours later.

Your babe is not letting you looking in their mouth to check for teeth? Try this trick: start playing the upside down game with them now. Many babies like to hang upside down, did you know? Let her (or him) sit on your lap, then hold her by her arms firmly and gently tilt her back while laughing and saying yaaaaay or whatever works. She will laugh and open her mouth for the whole world to see what’s in there. I usually do this with May down the shopping aisles or on the sidewalk in the evening, but you can try it anywhere. May is so used to hanging upside down that she will laugh and immediately looks around, at her new upside down world. That’s how I check for teeth.

Or you can wait until they cry.

AK, please don’t get sick this weekend so ma. Ti’m can bring you and KC to York next week. May really loves having guests.

Sunday we went to church – May’s first. Should have thought about it sooner. Should have acted on my thoughts sooner. Sunday 11am Mass promises no less excitement than Border’s Saturday 11am story time. Children everywhere, babies whining, mommies shushing, daddies wandering around with whiny babes in arms… This town’s old church is very beautiful to look at, with large lobbies, soaring ceiling, flower garden, grass lawn spreading in every direction under tall leafy trees, lotus koi pond, toddler playground… Not to forget old ladies and young people alike ooh’ing and aaahh’ing over babies, and a very lovely well tuned choir singing. And the blessed AC… Count us in until at least the end of the summer!

I stayed after mass to let May roam up and down the rows and rows of pews. We went to the playground a bit too, but for some reason, I looked up and it suddenly occurred to me that I should head home. So I did. As soon as I pulled out of the parking lot, the sky opened up and pour buckets of water onto the city. It was like that last week, too, when we were at the Hershey Garden.

The rain was brief, though, and by the time I got home 10 minutes later, it was over. So I took May to Old Navy to look for some clearance pants. You know how hard it is to spend $50 at ON? Very hard. Because the extra 30% off Clearance items sale was going on, and most items in sizes xs and s were gone. Pants were like either fit into size 0 or 6! And May was being an octopus in the meantime (I forgot to bring the Ergo, bad mistake), so it took me 90 minutes. And then I figured I needed to get some lunch for us, so I picked up some Chinese togo. Even had time to chat with the nice Chinese waitress who just came to the US 10 days ago. And then I came home, ready to give May a nap and Son greeted me at the door with a worried look on his face and said “Baby, we should go.” Huh?

Go where? OMG. Yeah. We talked about going to his friend’s house to watch the Germany vs Australia game at 2pm for 2 days leading up to Sunday and I forgot. ACK. So we rushed out of the house again, with me feeding May some chowfun and chicken along the way. We got to the friend’s house at 3pm, Germany already scored 2 goals. Not to worry, it wasn’t as if we looked down and Germany didn’t score 2 more while we weren’t looking.

OK dog lovers, you should skip the next paragraph because there will be a death of a dog mentioned.

While we were at our friend’s place, they kept on talking to each other about the missing 3rd dog, as in, where is he? Maybe he’s down in the basement? Upstairs? out in the rain?? Sadly, about 30 minutes later, the wife discovered that the dog somehow slipped into her car when she opened the door earlier to retrieve stuffs, and got locked in there in the 90+ degrees heat for 3+ hours 😦 We weren’t being informed of the situation and didn’t want to impose ourselves so we didn’t find out until 15 minutes later, by which time they had the dog out in the creek and were trying to give him water. The dog was coming to for a few minutes as he tried to drink up, but then he just died after that. We couldn’t do much to help. Maybe his system went into shock from the rapid change in temperature between the heat of the car and the coolness of the creek and water?

After the game was over, we went outside to get a tour of their farm. Theirs is a love project, so all the animals there are lovingly raised for the pure pleasure of their company, not for meat. They must have a hundred chickens of all types on the farm, including cute fluffy chicks. There were about 10 peacocks including snow white ones. Ian, our host, showed me the peacock eggs. They were just a bit larger than duck eggs. His hens were sitting on them, as he switched their eggs for the peacocks’. There were also sheep, horses, an emu, a donkey, geese, turkeys (Mr. Gray is nearly blind and Mr. Brown talks to him to show him which way to go, who knew?)… May got to see them all. One male peacock fanned his tail and did the dance for her, that got her attention. The horses only came over after Ian offered them pounds of chicken feeds. By the time we got into the car and headed home, it was already past 5pm, and May hadn’t napped since 10am. She went to sleep so fast and so deep, I was able to bring her in from the car and kept her napping until nearly 7pm.

That night she slept from 11pm straight through 6am. She stirred at 6 but didn’t wake up, though I still nursed her by then because I was feeling too full.

All this is to say, May STTN again Sunday night.

người xưa xửa xừa xưa ngày gần Tết ghé thăm lần đầu mang cho cái bánh chưng, ly chè đậu ván, mớ nem chua, túi mứt gừng… Người mới gặp lần đầu đã bảo, để chị giúp em nấu đám cưới. Chưa bao giờ Sơn và tôi được ăn chè đậu ván, thành ra chưa biết thèm. Ăn rồi hai đứa giành nhau cái ly bé tí sao thấy nó ngon mê ly. Chắc tại có người iu mình tha thiết nấu cho ăn nên nó ngọt ngào thấm thía.

Hôm kia Sơn trực. Trực thì hôm sau 12 giờ trưa bò về. Đêm hôm kia lái xe 3 quãng đồng x2, vì chạy phía Đông thì SM ngủ nap, thành ra đến nơi lại quành xe về, về thấy vẫn nap nên chạy phía Bắc, 90 miles và 1.5 tiếng đồng hồ sau thì kéo nhau vào chợ mua bịch đậu ván, lon nước dừa. Tối về thì tay ẵm con, tay ngâm đậu, tay bắc xoong ninh xương và giò heo nấu bánh canh. Sáng hôm sau SM dậy sớm, rồi kéo nhau đi Story Time về trễ, lỡ giấc ngủ của con. Vật lộn với SM một lúc thấy không phê, xách SM vô bếp cho chơi, mình đứng bóc vo? đậu. 1 tiếng sau con mệt phờ râu, mình cũng thấm thía, đã thế chờ hoài vẫn không thấy bóng chàng. Ruột gan nóng dần tại 3pm có cái hẹn đi thay nhớt xe, nếu 1:30 đem SM đi nap thì tức là sẽ không dậy kịp để đi thay nhớt nếu không muốn đánh thức SM ngang giấc. Gọi cho Sơn, Sơn nói hôm nay kẹt, sau 6pm mới về được, nghe nực nực nực. Gọi cho bên mechanics, xin hoãn hẹn đến 4pm, xong, ôm con đi nap. SM nap hơn 1.5 tiếng, mình cũng được nhờ. Dậy, lại tha con đi thay nhớt. Trời lạnh căm, vác con đi lội tuyết trên vỉa hè mà bụng chả có gì ngoài 1 ly sữa và miếng cookie ăn vội từ sáng. Vào Panera ăn lunch. SM ngoan. Hơn 5pm quay lại lấy xe, chạy vào chợ dùng cái coupon $15 seafood tại sợ hết hạn. Về nhà, cho SM bú.

Qua 6:30 Sơn về. Giao thẳng con cho Sơn, cắm đầu nấu cho xong nồi bánh canh, rồi bắt đầu luộc đậu ván. Quên không luộc đậu từ đêm hôm trước tuy co’ ngâm nước, nên dù đã cẩn thận lúc luộc đậu, nó vẫn bị nát, còn lại thì vẫn sượng sượng. SM bắt đầu mệt, càm ràm. Sơn cũng mệt, ngồi ăn phịt mặt ra, con khóc cũng không phản ứng. Mình vừa loay hoay nước sôi, bếp lửa, bồng con, cho bú, đặt xuống, đi khuấy nước dừa, con khóc, bồng lên, bú, đặt xuống… Càng làm càng rối càng stress, mà không thể ngưng được nữa. Cái ý định phải-nấu-cho-xong-nồi-chè nó nung nấu từ mệt mỏi cả tuần nay, từ mất ngủ, từ trời lạnh nằm nghe con sụt sịt mũi, từ tùm lum thứ có thể khiến con người ta trông chờ vào một ly chè như một phép màu, phải nấu cho bằng được cái thứ sóng sánh màu vàng đó, trên là nước dừa đặc quện vào lòng ly chè, nếu được vậy, vũ trụ vạn vật sẽ lùi vào quỹ đạo nguyên thuỷ.
Sơn vác con vào phòng chơi 1 lúc, SM vừa chơi vừa khóc vì mệt. Mẹ nó vẫn quyết sống chết với nồi chè. Lùng bùng tai nghe con khóc, lùng bùng cái đầu nhức, mắt muốn nổi sao vàng 5 cánh, nấu cũng xong nồi chè.


Nothing. Vô cảm. no closure. Ăn 1 mạch chả biết mình ăn ra sao. Chả vui chả buồn. Chả mệt chả khoẻ. Chỉ thấy như mình không còn là mình, mình đang ngó mình đứng ở sink, nuốt 1 ly chè rất giống ly mình ăn ngày trước (đậu hơi sượng tí tí), nhưng vô cảm. Ăn xong dọn dẹp thu rửa ráy, lao vào giường ôm con ngủ 1 mạch. Chồng cũng vùi đầu vào ngủ bù cho 36 tiếng không chợp mắt.

Sáng nay dậy, ăn 1 mạch 2 ly chè, đã thấy đời mang lại chút ngọt ngào. Ngon.

Tóm lại là, không nên ăn món mình vừa nấu xong khi đang mệt.

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