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I was in the car nursing May while An and Son went out to look for food. 40 minutes later…

Son: We bought 2 tô phở togo
me: oh? From Nhà Hàng Việt Nam?
An: no, from phở place that only sells phở.
me: phở gì?
An: phở 76 “vô danh bất tiện” something
me: … you mean “danh bất hư truyền” ?
An: đó đó, that’s it.

in our democratic family, we get to choose how May will address us. I picked me., the northern standard for “mom.”  Son picked “ba,” though in his family they use “bo^'” for father, just like in mine.  OK, whatever, I don’t care.  But now Son keeps on referring to me as “ma'” to May, and I am guilty of saying “bo^’ me.” to her more than once.  ARgh

– oh Gregoires loves dogs, my friends will be able to bring their dog there for treats.
– yeah huh !  They will be happy to hear the news… hey Son, this time we’re going to Gregoire’s, you’ll talk to the chef en francais oui??
– heh heh… or hòr hòr  hòr… (imitating Maurice Chevalier)…
– yeah, just chat with him, tell him… oh yeah, how about tell him about paris? The last time i was in his country i got my wallet stolen ha ha ha…
– ah oui, la derniere fois que j’etais au ton pays, quelque canard avait pris ma porte feuille…*
– ha ha ha ha ha….
– tous les francais sont des… des…**
– yeah voleurs, tu es un voleur aussi ***!
– ha ha ha ha… i think he’s gonna throw dog food in our face
– hehehehehe…
– hmm… i didn’t know the french hate their ducks that much? Canard is a bastard?
– nooo… it’s conardconard !
– ooooohh… i thought it was canard…

* the last time i was in your country, some duck took my wallet…
** all french are thieves
*** you are a thief

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